Friday, March 27, 2009

California Adventure

I truly hope my Spring Break photos
aren't boring you, because here come
more! Yep, California Adventure!!!
I was sad that my dad couldn't join us
at California Adventure. My mom, my little
sister, and her husband did, though!

Ty loves his Aunt Ducky (Yes, he can say
Becky, but he thinks it's cute to call her his
Aunt Ducky). He has a serious crush on her...
I can't imagine why!?! Duh...she's adorable!!!
I was surprised at the kid rides there.
I love Bugs Life, so of course, I adored
all of the rides....especially Heimlich!!!
Brad is always the life of the party!
He and Jason had such fun trying to
knock us all down on the rope bridges
(and yes, these were for KIDS, not
adults). I love my family!!!

I'm sad this picture is a little blurry,
but it is hilarious! Becky went down one of the
kid slides and misjudged the end. She flew off
off it and her hair went sky high! Too funny!!!

I am so glad my mom and I made the kids
go to the Pixar Parade! It was awesome!
It's a definite 'Don't Miss'...even for adults!
Thanks for another great day, family!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 are OLD!!!

I don't think I have ever seen my husband
enjoy a birthday present more! This year,
we rented him a Jeep for 24 hrs. and we
truly used it!!! 11 hrs. of trail rides under
our belt today and we are exhausted!
Ty joined us for the first half
and we drove a 3 1/2 hr. trail
and hiked to some beautiful
Indian Ruins. Ty brought his
animal print guide and found
'lion tracks' everywhere his
hand touched. He is hilarious!!!

We picked up the girls from school
in the Jeep and they thought that was
really cool. We headed out to Sydney and
Jason's favorite....Broken Arrow! It is the
most famous Pink Jeep Tour trail because
there is a 'staircase' that you drive down that
is nearly STRAIGHT DOWN! Jason was a
champ driving down it and he insisted on
doing it again! We were all screaming
the whole way down!
I jumped out to take this photo of them
coming down the Slide on Broken Arrow.
It was nothing compared to the Staircase,
but it was awesome none-the-less!
Happy Birthday Jason!
I have no idea what I can do to
top this one next year! :0P

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ty's actual birthday!

What more could a 4 year old boy
ask for for his birthday than going
to Disneyland? Thanks to Grammy
and Pops, his wish came true!
He even got a $30 Disney Credit Card
to spend there. Of course, he follows
in his dads footsteps and chose
a $35 light saber....crazy boy!

This picture was taken at the beginning of
Pirates of the Caribbean. Notice the smile?
It didn't last long! Who knew he would be more
afraid of that than Space Mountain (which he
claims is his favorite). We had so much fun
watching his reactions on all the rides!
He screamed in delight on Big Thunder
Mountain Railroad. That was always one
of my favorites, too! Cute kids, right!?!
My best friend from Elementary School
joined us with her mom and kids for lunch
and a few rides. Avery (4 1/2) loved hanging
out with Summer and Sydney. She had them
give her piggy back rides all over Disneyland.
Pam's son Brady only liked the Tea Cups
and him and Ty had a blast making us dizzy.
Ty loved being a big man and driving his
car in Autopia. Notice that I am never sitting
with him? He is a booger and never picked to
sit with his mom. I'll pretend it was because
he wanted me taking pictures from afar. :0(
This picture was taken while he watched
an intense part of the Jedi show. Notice the
flared nostrils? I think he was getting ready
to defend his family should harm come our way!
Summer and Sydney enjoyed the experience
just as much as their brother. They have been
there so often, they have the park memorized!

This picture says it all! It was a full day full
of awesome memories! He slept right through
Tinkerbell flying through the fireworks!
We had to end the night in true Stewart style!
We closed down the park and walked out to our car
(one of only about 6 left in the parking lot) to find
this! It's still didn't ruin our day! It made
it that much more memorable!!! Thanks mom & dad!

Monday, March 23, 2009

He's officially 4!!!

The party is over! All of the superheroes
have passed their tests and flown home!

The cake has turned to a few measly
crumbs. Not even enough for Mighty Mouse!
The star treats have vanished, too!
Ty's girlfriend Helen came. So did his
adorable cousin Tanner, and Ty's friends
Henry, Frank, Mary, Liza, & Alyziah.
They were tested to make sure they
deserved their superhero capes. All
of them did! Masks, too! Too cute!!!
That's my very own Superhero Ty!!!
I tried to dress him in our 'color scheme'
but he was not having it. I'm lucky I got
him in matching shorts! He is hard headed!!!
Present time is always a huge success!
How many kids does it take to open a present?
Too many to count! It was a blast!
Pictures of our Spring Break Trip coming soon!

Monday, March 16, 2009

And we're off!!!

We leave for Disneyland tomorrow!
We are so excited to spend Ty's 4th
birthday at the happiest place on earth!
When we get back, Ty is having a
few friends over for a Superhero
party! Needless to say, we will be posting
a lot of pictures next week! C-ya then!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Not only is Sedona a beautiful place
to live, but the town is pretty fun too!
This morning was the St. Patrick's Day Parade!
Green wigs and all, we headed uptown!
Ty loved all the fire trucks. There
were some players from the Arizona Cardinals
in the parade too, but my camera decided
to start throwing a fit right when they
went by. I'll die if my camera breaks!!!

Sydney loved all the bagpipes,
Ty loved all the horses, &
Summer loved the aliens
( I missed those photos, too)!

The news said it would rain today
and we left with sunburns. It was
the perfect day for a parade. We
NetFlixed the old Witch Mountain movies
and watched them last night. After the
parade we went and watched the newest
version. Overall we were entertained and
would chalk it up as a good end to a fun parade!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It seems like yesterday!

These pictures were taken at Ty's 1st birthday!
I cannot believe that was 3 years ago!!! We
are heading to Disneyland for his 4th birthday
one week from tomorrow! How time flies!
Enjoy this glance back in time!
We had a ball party for this little man!
He was into everything balls until he
discovered the skateboard!

These were my favorite invitations to make
ever! Huge bouncy balls for his friends! That
really got them excited for the ball party!
I cannot believe the big 4 is here for my baby!
I need to remember to take lots of
pictures, steal lots of kisses, and
tell him I love him 1 million times a day!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Photographer Sydney!

Sydney now charges top dollar for
her photographs! Just take a look
at a few of her prized photos! Watch
out National Geographic! :0)
We think St. Patrick's Day came a
bit early for this
guy (green vomit)! He
would regurgitate his food right onto

the glass and then lick it up right in front of
us. I'm glad we hadn't just eaten!!!

How cool is this little guy hanging
out on the glass!?! We loved the
Smithsonian Zoo and all of their crazy
animals (gay zebras, gorillas that were
getting it on, and all the poop we witnessed)!
This was the photo of the photo that I
mentioned a few posts ago. This was
taken during the Civil War at
Arlington House (before it
became a cemetery).

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Smarty Pants!!!

Today was the honor roll assembly
at the girls' school. Jason and I are
so proud of them! I love having smart
kids....they make up for me! :0)
I love this picture of Summer because
the basketball net makes her look
like she is having a really bad hair day!!!
Ali, Sydney, Ayna, & Liza
are the cutest group of friends.
Smart friends, too!

Way to go girls!!!

Now, look to the left. Can you
find the giveaway picture for this week.
I will post each weekly giveaway and if
it interests you, click on it and you will
be taken over to my Etsy blog. Then follow
the directions and cross your fingers.
Good luck!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

We love DC!!!

OK, get ready! Here are a few
more of our pictures from our
amazing trip to Washington DC!
All three of the kids got to go into
the cockpit of our plane on the trip
from Phoenix to Baltimore.

Aunt Becky and Uncle Brad told
us to give it a try and the pilot
was awesome. Thanks, US Airways!
Sydney was so impressed with what she learned about George Washington. She was truly surprised by how religious of a man he was. Touring Mount Vernon really made an impact on her.

Summer posed in the main auditorium at Arlington Cemetery. It was snowing lightly that day and everything was wet and beautiful!

Sydney took this great picture of the US Capitol Building before our tour. Have you ever wondered what that statue is on top?Well, this is what is on top! It is a statue of 'Lady Liberty'. That is not at all what I expected it to be. I was thinking it was a president. Shows how much I know!
The girls took this one for Pops! My dad was in the Navy during the Vietnam War and we are so proud of him for that! Thanks, dad!
This is Sydney posing in front John F. Kennedy's 'Eternal Flame' with Arlington House in the background. Syd is learning about the Civil War in school, so this was a cool spot for her. In the Visitors Center there is a photo of soldiers in front of Arlington House from the Civil War. I'll have to post that later!
We really had a great experience watching the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
We stood in the perfect spot where we were able to get within 1 foot of the guards and make eye contact with them. That is one touching ceremony!The Smithsonian's Natural History Museum has a new Butterfly Pavilion where they keep it 88 degrees and have butterflies year round. It was really neat to see so many beautiful butterflies up close. Summer never got one to land on her so she said, "That was dumb." She was just jealous! :0)
We had the whole gang take the Metro to the White House. It's a little disappointing that you can't get any closer than that, but the tours are supposed to open up again soon. It is closed while the Obama's get acclimated.
Of all the monuments and memorials, Lincoln is my favorite. The size and grandeur are impossible to describe. One of our facts we found about this was that each of the 39 pillars is so large that it takes 5 grown men (with arms outstretched) to wrap their arms around one column!
On our last night in Washington DC, we attended a formal dinner where Bill Cosby came to perform. It was so great to watch my kids laugh hysterically at the man I grew up watching. We didn't watch much TV growing up, but the Cosby Show was a staple that I will forever remember.

This was one vacation that none of us will ever forget....OK, maybe Ty will, but the rest of us won't!!!