Thursday, March 5, 2009

Photographer Sydney!

Sydney now charges top dollar for
her photographs! Just take a look
at a few of her prized photos! Watch
out National Geographic! :0)
We think St. Patrick's Day came a
bit early for this
guy (green vomit)! He
would regurgitate his food right onto

the glass and then lick it up right in front of
us. I'm glad we hadn't just eaten!!!

How cool is this little guy hanging
out on the glass!?! We loved the
Smithsonian Zoo and all of their crazy
animals (gay zebras, gorillas that were
getting it on, and all the poop we witnessed)!
This was the photo of the photo that I
mentioned a few posts ago. This was
taken during the Civil War at
Arlington House (before it
became a cemetery).


Karrie said...

Great job Sydney! Keep going at it and then ask Mom and Dad for a Canon Rebel or Nikon! Just kidding Jenn ;) Really good shots. I love taking pictures. I have had my camera since Christmas and I almost 500 pics already!!

Kandy said...

Great job Syd! I love pictures too - as if you didn't know.


What a fun trip for you and the kids. I's glad you enjoyed it

* Amanda * said...

ok that picture of the monkey throwing up are sick! :P cool sick but still sick!

Sounds like a very interesting trip to the zoo :) Great shots Sydney!

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