Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall Traditions

Ever since Summer was a little girl, we have taken her to the same pumpkin patch every year we have been here visiting. We had the whole gang together (minus Porter) this weekend, so we all hit up our local pumpkin patch. 
They always have the same rides and signs. Although they no longer offer the elephant rides they had when Summer was a baby. :( We rode an elephant named Jenny 16 years ago when Summer was 1. 
The teenagers were good sports. 
Ty's a bit too big for all the rides now, but somehow he made it work. 
My silly cowgirl models (that's what Summer always said she wanted to be when she grew up). 
I love these kiddos!!!
What a fun evening with the family. Sad I didn't get a shot of our whole gang. We made up a good portion of the people at the pumpkin patch. 

Thanks for another fun year there Grammy and Pops!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Beachbody Coach

I really like me, as a person. I do. There is just one thing I can't stand about myself. My size. I've used every excuse in the book to be an emotional eater. I've decided to make a change!  I've joined Beachbody and signed up as a coach. I make money when people purchase products (DVD's, workout clothes, Shakeology, etc.). Once I get other coaches under me, the money will really add up. The best part, I'm putting myself out there so I'm held accountable. 

I started out doing a week-long healthy-eating challenge, then I took my birthday off. For this past week, I have poured all of my energy into doing their 21 Day Fix Program. I'm only a week in and here are my results:
I'm down 7 pounds!!!
I'm down 4 inches!!!

The key to my success?  Shakeology Protein shakes as one of my 5 mini-meals. It's all part of my clean-eating! No processed foods or sugar. It keeps me feeling full and my metabolism is cranked way up. Want to know more?
For just the Protein Shakes:

I still have a long way to go. Keep watching!  I'll get there!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Life doesn't get any better than this!

My family has been asking me what I wanted to do for my big 40th birthday. I toyed around with the idea of going to Catalina, but then I realized all I really wanted to do was go sailing....with my family. 

With the help and motivation of my mom and sister, I found the perfect Charter. 
It was a 36 foot Catalina called the Moody Blue. It was HUGE, and beautiful!
We were allowed 6 people, so my mom joined us and got to play photographer all day. 

We paid for a 3 hour charter, but Captain John was amazing and he kept us out 4 1/2 hours. We got to enjoy sunset on the water, as well. 

The only thing that kept it from being the perfect week old iPhone decided to join the fishes after only 15 minutes on the sailboat. A tear came to my eye, then I said to myself, "Don't let it ruin this experience!"  It didn't. I still would chalk this up as one of the best days EVER!!!  Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Sydney made the team!  It is BIG competition here and it was an even BIGGER deal that Sydney made the freshmen team!
She's always played setter in the past, but since she's second tallest on the team, her coach put her as middle. 
She's doing great!  She's lacking the confidence in the position, but we are 3 games in now and the difference has been amazing!  She has skills!  :)
I love this picture because it shows the height difference between all the girls. It's almost comical. We have a 6'4" girl on varsity that puts all of them to shame. ;)
They had their first team dinner on Monday and it was a huge success. I am co-team mom and co-snack shack coordinator. It's a crazy busy season for me now, too. What was I thinking!?!  ��

Monday, September 8, 2014

Our first post-summer Saturday

Soccer season has begun!!!
Ty has the best cheering section ever. Once Grammy and Pops get back from Europe, it will get even better!
Ty was a brick wall!  He played sweeper and stopped EVERY play. Out goalie touched the ball two times...just to punt it. We won 5-0!
We then spent the rest of the day at Doheny. At one point, I looked out to see Summer towing Ty in behind her board. I ran out to find he had a pretty decent cut on his finger. Blood was everywhere. I thought it was his head. Needless to say, I was very relieved it was just a finger. He got the bleeding to stop, then headed right back out. He's an animal!!!

Back to school

I'm in denial. I hate when they go back to school...they do too!
My baby is in 4th grade already!
My 5'9" little girl is a freshman!
The smallest one (5'5") is a SENIOR!!!  We have been inundated with college pamphlets begging for this smarty to go to their universities. NO!  I refuse to let her go!  HaHa
It was a wonderful summer and we were all sad to see it end. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Inside the beach house

This place was the best!  Tons of stairs, but it was worth it!
Great beaches!
Great company!
Fun walking partners!
Amazing body surfers!
Some well used boards!
And some narly waves! 
Inside the house were plush amenities. 
Grandma was always keeping the kitchen pristine. 
It was a blast!!!  We loved having Jackie there with us, too!!!