Monday, April 11, 2016

I needed her today. 😢

Today was one of those days where all I wanted to do was pick up the phone and call my big sister for some advice. Yesterday marked a year from the last day I saw her. The pain is on the surface, almost tangible. We often called one another to seek parenting advice.  I struggled with the 'parenting' role today and her voice is what I needed to hear. Her calm way of counseling me through things. She always LISTENED. Really listened. Oh, how I ache for her. I regret not seeking her advice more. I celebrate those times I did. She always complimented me on my relationship with my kids. I hold that so dear!  No kinder words have ever been said. After all, this is our most important role. Motherhood. She was, and is, an amazing mother that I try to emulate every day. I know she's proud of me and I know she's just as proud of my kids as I am. I loved that she'd drop everything to answer my calls. I loved that my problems were her problems. My joys were her joys. I still seek her counsel, just in a different way. I am so grateful for vivid dreams and strong memories. I'm grateful for all her little notes and texts. I'm grateful for her comforting recipes that bring her into my home. That was my remide today.  My niece Lexi helped me make Amy's Easy Chicken Burrito's. They are so tasty and delicious. She may not answer the phone, but every bite brought me sweet comfort tonight. Oh, Amy, I love you so! 
Amy's Easy Chicken Burritos
2-4 frozen chicken breasts 
1 can black beans
1 cup salsa 

Dump ingredients in crock pot and let simmer for 6 hours on low. Shred chicken with fork. Serve in tortillas with cheese. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Halloween 2015

Every fall, we go to the pumpkin patch with my parents. Last year, the Openshaws joined us. 
We had Ty recreate this photo to make it look like Tanner was with us. We will try anything at this point. HaHa
Our much smaller family photo (with awful cell phone quality). 
We still managed to have a great time. 
Pops pig and Ty!
My adorable parents. 
Time to get dressed up and go trick or treating. 
Syd was a cute baby. 
While Ty was a creepy old woman. 
Summer pulled off a cute robber with her boyfriend Andrew being a creepy mustache guy. HaHa
They had fun at a haunted house there in Utah. 

Have I mentioned how much I hate having our family separated like this. Utah is too far away. 

Goodbye braces!!!

Sydney anxiously awaited this day for 2 years!  No more braces and even more beautiful!!!

Homecoming 2015

Sydney is now a sophomore and she has an amazing group of friends. They all decided to go to Homecoming together as one big group. 
Syd looked beautiful!
She met up with Jason Cook at his house before heading to the park to meet up with everyone else. 
Jessie and Julia. 
Julia, Maddie, and Sophie
The whole group. 
These 2 boys were pretty lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful girls! It was a great night. 
Syd and Jason had an *extra good time. HaHa (15 and not allowed to date) 

Amy's birthday bonfire

Sept 24, 2015 marked Amy's 44th birthday. We decided it was a great day to celebrate her. 
Becky and I started the day off by donating blood in her honor. 
Then we were off. Straight to the beach for her party! 
The open invitation went out on Facebook and Instagram. 
We had some giant photos that hung from the EZ Up at the beach. 

My mom had 44 balloons in Amy's favorite colors. 
At sunset, we sang happy birthday and released them. It was beautiful! 
It was a great night, spent together with so many friends and loved ones. 
Allison Ray and Pat Nelson were there. I'm so grateful for amazing friends. 
The Foster gang. Just missing the Openshaw boys, Summer, and Brad (he pulled up right after we took this). 
Christina DeFelice was Amy's best friend in high school. 
My mom with her amazing friends!
My dad and Lee Rasmussen 
Jon Hendrickson and Mark Hellewell
Aunt Tammy and Uncle Eric...they're always here for us!  So supportive and wonderful!!!
The men enjoyed the bonfire and all its yumminess! Provo, Max and all of Amy's friends spent some time showing her some love at the cemetery. 
We miss her dearly, but we choose to celebrate the time we had with her rather than dwelling on the loss. Happy 44th birthday, Amy!  Love you!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Finally a graduation party!

Since we had to push off Summer's graduation party, the Banks Family was able to make it out from Arizona to surprise her! They helped me pull off a fabulous party, along with my mom and Becky. 
So many people came to congratulate Sum. Of course Haley was there!
Libby is a big Summer fan. 
Jasmine is such a sweetie. I love that they have such a great bond. Goose would be thrilled to see these two together. 
Silly sisters. 
A fabulous Aunt and Uncle. 
Linda and Glen Prine, who happen to be my second set of parents from my much younger years. Love them!!!
Her amazing Grammy and Pops (who worked so hard to make this a success). 
We got to spend time at the beach with the Banks', too. 
Of course we finished it off with Thrifty's!

I'm sad I didn't take pics of the food table and all the outdoor seating at the party. It looked beautiful. Happy Graduation, Summer!!!

TEAM Foster

Grammy and Pops Camp is always a favorite!  This year, the theme was Team Foster. 

The boys flew in to Long Beach Airport and we got to go pick them up. Zane travels in style. 
We headed straight to the OC Fair and met up with Becky's gang. 
When we all arrived at my parents house, they had bad news. They had a slab leak and they had to move out. The kids were thrilled!  They got to stay at hotels all week. Not too shabby!
My mom handled it like a champ. We still stuck to our schedule, for the most part. 
The men golfed. 
We had to eat out every meal. 
We went on trolley adventures. 
We are always quite the group!
We constantly wore Max out. This was on the trolley. 
Tanner day we spent at the best animal shop ever!  Prehistoric pets. 
People assumed Summer worked there and she was helping people with the snakes. ;)
We finished that night off with a beach bonfire...along with the rest of the world. 
Quality time, that's for sure!
I love these cousins and the bond they share. 
This little man and I have so much fun together. I adore Max!
We spent a day at Zoomars. 
Never a dull moment. 
Many beach days. 
Max had a really bad limp when they cut off his cast. I love this picture of Zane and Syd helping him in the water. So sweet. 
Of course we had plenty of Thrifty's!!!
Grammy even had an 'Unbirthday Party' complete with a bounce house and slip-n-slide. 
I think they enjoyed it. 
I love that we have so many beach bums and water babies!
Yet again, we wore Max out. 
Even Grammy enjoyed the bounce house. 
Max loves Summer's cat, Zeedo. 
The trip back to the airport after the busy week. Yep, he earned those shut eyes. 
Those are some real smiles. I sure do love those kids!!!