Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Santa Barbara

Last Saturday, we got a brand new car. A zippy Mazda 6. What's the best way to break in a new car??? A road trip!!!
We couldn't leave until Jason got off work, so with traffic we didn't get to Santa Barbara until 9:30pm. Once we checked in, the boys insisted on watching a couple episodes of Psych on the iPad to prepare for their Psych tour of Santa Barbara the next day. 
First thing in the morning, we headed over to the Santa Barbara Police Department. Ty pulled the Shawn Spencer pose while Jason was Lassie. If you haven't seen the show, these boys will convince you to watch it. Jason swears it's funnier than Seinfeld...and cleaner. ��
The real show was filmed in Canada, even though they said it was Santa Barbara. Luckily we knew that going in, so the boys weren't totally disappointed. 
Ok, the psych tour wasn't why we went to Santa Barbara. �� Sydney had her first lacrosse tournament. Her club team is Aliso Attack...it's really just her high school team, but it was a club tournament, so her coach got creative. 
We got to watch her play 3 games on Sarurday. The weather was PERFECT!  She played great, even though her team got killed in all 3 games we saw. 
In between games, we tried to squeeze in as much site seeing as possible. The pier was a must for me. There was an awesome skate park at the entrance to the pier, so the boys were thrilled, too. 
It was Valentines Day, so we took some time to pose for some pictures. The pelican was jealous, I do believe. 
Maybe she thought Ty was her Valentine. 
It was a great mini-vacation with just the 3 of us. We never got to hang out with Syd. She had a blast and ended up sitting on the sidelines for their Sunday games...what a good girl. We were glad to get her back home Sunday night. 
We will be going back!  I'm sold on Santa Barbara. 

Valentine Fun with a fourth grader!

I love that I still have an elementary student. Valentines Day is always so much fun. Ty's teacher announced that there would be a competition for the best Valentine box. Ty was ready!
We started off by taking this silly picture and getting two 8x10's printed. 
We then cut the mouth out and extended his jaw for a bigger opening. We taped it around an large oatmeal container and dressed it and threw on a hat. 
The result?  A first place Valentine box!!!
For his actual valentines, we had blow pops that the boys would suck and have mustaches. 
The girls had big red lips while sucking their blow pops. I love crafty holidays!!!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas 2014

We had a great Christmas!  Buddy the elf returned and proved, once again, to be a trouble maker. He even found Ty crashed on the coach one night and joined in on the fun. 
Ty and Syd were good sports and took me to the Ritz Carlton to see their awesome gingerbread display. 
We had the missionaries over for Christmas Eve dinner. They even helped us act out the nativity...it gets more irreverent every year. Poor elders. ��
Tristan proposed to Sydney with 3 ring pops. They're so goofy! Just friends...we promise! 
One of our favorite treats this Christmas...we got to kitty sit Becky and Brad's kitten Sly. He's a total cuddler and we all got our fair share. Zeedo was VERY jealous!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Chalk Walk

Our stake started a new tradition this year. They had a Christmas Chalk Walk. 
They advertised for artists of all levels, so we jumped in with both feet. 
I had a basic idea in mind, and Summer drew it out for me. 
She really is good with perportions, where I sorely lack skill. 
Me and the kids spent a few hours there Thurs. and Fri. nights. We were chalk covered and colorful. 
Saturday after basketball, we even had Jason join us for the finishing touches. 
I was pretty proud of our final piece. We knew we wouldn't win, but it was fun to try. 
Each stall had info on each artist. We were very honest:
Here are a few of my favorites:

Obviously one of the professionals!
This one was amazing!  It was the three men looking towards Bethlehem. It was done really well, but the shadows ruined the picture. Sorry. 
The stake provided all the chalk, snacks and meals for the artists, plus there was a choir singing Fri. and Sat. nights, fresh scones, and hot chocolate. It was a huge success. Can't wait till next year!  

Friday, December 19, 2014

My baby girl is 15!!!

Syd's 15th birthday started with a bang. I came to seminary to surprise her with some Starbuck's peppermint hot chocolate, but she had already received fun birthday gifts by 6:30am! She got a giant S shaped chocolate chip cookie and a Butterfinger from a friend and her teacher. 
That evening, we had everyone over for dinner. Syd picked a recipe she found off of Pinterest and it was delicious. Alfredo Chicken Stuffed Shells. I'll for sure make it again. 
We then travelled over to Baskin Robbins to see Summer at her new job. We all enjoyed a birthday treat while making Summer perfect her craft. ��
Summer and Sydney's friend Tristan joined us for the whole day. Ty was in heaven!  Having another boy around made his day. 
We even got to take a quick pic with Summer before we left for Dana Point Harbor. 
The harbor started a new tradition. It's called AlluminOcean and there are beautiful lights everywhere. Sydney was thrilled to pack her longboard and her, Tristan, and Ty were never seen again. 
It made for a romantic stroll for the adults in the group. 
Happy birthday, Syd. Glad we got to spend it with you. We love you!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Disney Passes!!!

Christmas arrived early for us. My parents decided to give the kids and me Disneyland Passes for Christmas this year. 
Since Summer will be off to college next fall, they wanted us to get them now so she'll get her pennies worth!
Oh, darn!  ;)
The kids are almost as thrilled as I am. 
When we bought the tickets, they even gave my mom a Saturday pass for her to use (normally pass holders can't go in Saturday's). We loved having our personal photographer and tour guide. 
I was worried that because it was a Sarurday, we would have horrible lines. Not at all. We arrived when the park opened and the worst wait we had was last night when we waited an hour for the new cars ride at CA Adventure. 
The girls had a stake dance last night, so my dad came and picked them up with my mom at 5:30. 
Jason, Ty, and I were left alone to do whatever we wanted. ;)
Our biggest 'score' of the week was that Jodie (my cousin who lives in Washington State) was here visiting. Her husband works for Disney and they gave Jason a free park hopper. My parents were gonna pay for Jason, but they saved them $150!!!  Thanks, Jodie and George! It was fun seeing them for a little bit, too. 
These two boys were adorable together!  It was a race to see how many rides we could do. The scarier, the better!!!
I loved seeing all the Christmas decor around the parks. Disney does Christmas right!!! 
We loved having Jason along for the ride. We can't wait for a years worth of Disney memories and fun!!!