Friday, November 13, 2015

BYU Football's Openshaw Day

Julie and Mike Lewis (Amy and Mark's good friends from their Orem days) worked with Mike's brother Chad Lewis to orchestrate a 'Openshaw Day'. We were blessed to be a part of an amazing morning being spoiled rotten by the BYU football team and Cosmo!!!
Max got all sorts of swag. Zane, too. 
We got to tour the weight room (full of players). 
Syd even got in on the pyramid building with the players. 
Ty was in HEAVEN!!!
I love that Libby and Lexi totally photo bombed this photo. 
Pops took his turn in head coach Bronco Mendenhall's chair. 
What a fun day!
Our favorite part was meeting Tanner Mangum. He was so sweet and literally hung out with us the entire time. He was so down to earth and humble. 
I'm sad Ty's hair was crazy in this picture because HOW COOL IS THAT!?!
This is a bittersweet picture. Our goodbye. Goodbyes are never fun, but after 3 1/2 weeks of being best buds, side by side, this was not easy!  We left and went straight to the cemetery for one more goodbye. Tears streamed down all of our faces almost the entire drive home to California. We sure love those boys!!!

MikaRose and Ellie's room

Patriotic love at its best! The cemetery was beautiful when we returned from Idaho. 
It brought tears of joy to my eyes to see their plots so patriotic. 
Syd and I aren't crazy about these pictures of us, but I love that we took them in Ellie's room. My mom bought us all MikaRose outfits in honor of Ellie. She had modeled for them. 
Thanks, Mom. 
We will miss that room. We definitely miss that beautiful girl!

100 Years on the farm Reunion

The plan all along was that we would meet at Amy's, then head to Idaho for our 100 year anniversary and reunion. Adrianus arrived 100 years ago from Holland to purchase the land that the Barendregt family still owns. We had 4 less family members than planned, but we were off. Syd, Ty, Max, and myself made our way in the Excursion. 
Pops, Summer, and Zane (sound asleep) were right behind us. Becky, my mom, and Bec's kids were in their YukonXL. 3 cars, lots of bodies, and 4 hotel rooms. 
We arrived to lots of warm hugs, friendly faces, and wonderful memories of the Openshaws. There was volleyball on the river,
Art stations (Max did an amazing drawing of the cemetery),
Awesome shirts,
And of course...the human slingshot!!!
We had a great time. 
We were able to let go a little and just be goofy!
REALLY goofy!!! Pops needs to explain this one!  :P
At about 1:30am on Saturday morning, Zane, Summer, Marni, and I headed off on an all nighter to drive Summer back to SLC to board her plane to India. 
She met up with Lindsay curbside. 
It was hard to say goodbye for 3 weeks, but I honestly felt nothing but peace. I knew that was where Aunt Amy would have wanted her. 
Marni, Zane, and I rushed back to Idaho just in time to take a quick nap and join the whole Barendregt gang in the 4th of July parade. 
Marni and I scored seats on the trailer, so I got to hold sweet Brock who ended up sleeping most the time. He's sooo cute!
My favorite pic of the reunion....cute Max crossing his legs with a full leg cast. He always keeps me laughing. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Waterfalls and sharks, oh my.

Luckily Bridal Veil Falls has wheelchair access. Once we reached that point, arm strength came into play. 
Uncle Brad even carried Max to the base of the waterfall. 
Most the time, Max just sat and threw rocks in the water. See the speck between the two falls?  That's Summer! Sydney was still on her way up. 
We made almost daily trips to the cemetery. It's such a beautiful spot. Especially at sunset. 
We enjoyed a day at the Dinosaur Museum. 
Sydney and I even put Max and his wheelchair on the dinosaur scale. 
That's one cute group of grandkids that Grammy and Pops sure know how to spoil. 
2 very silly boys....
with two very silly (and scared) little girls. 

We're enjoying every second!!!

Keeping busy

What do you do right after a funeral?  We were spoiled enough to get unlimited access to Provo Beach Resort in the Openshaws honor. 
Being wheelchair bound made most things off limits for Max. He ended up winning 1,000 tickets at one of the arcade games. I think that more than made up for it. 
We learned to have a huge appreciation for handicap accessible rides, doors, name it.  We spent the next 3 weeks seeking out wheelchair friendly excursions. 
We toured BYU museums. 
Max played tricks on his cousins. 
Max cuddled and enjoyed the extra attention. 
Everyone was all over him!!!
We even toured BYU's news desk. 
We loved Summer's soon-to-be new home. 
Rachel Libby (a sweet friend of ours from Sedona) was the ultimate tour guide for us at BYU. No family has more Cougar Pride than the Libbys. It was a great way to stay busy and enjoy each other.