Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sea World with sick Libby

Libby's preschool had a Sea World day where we could get in for $6 each!  Of course Ty wanted to ditch school and go, so we joined the Macbeths for the day. 
I think Ty enjoys Sea World as much as I do!
This octopus was showing off for us!
This was our view for the day. Poor Libby started off the morning throwing up and she enjoyed Sea World from the stroller or laying down to rest. Poor thing. She still said it was better than being sick at home. 
Of course Ty had to ride Manta a million times. Seriously, it's one of the best roller coasters out there and there's never any lines!  We love it!
Brock even got to show off his sitting skills right in front of a giant turtle!
Ty, too! 
3 minutes before the park closed, Uncle Brad raced onto the water ride with Ty. 
Glad he's a kid at heart cause this mom didn't want to get soaked!

Thanks for an awesome day, Libby!  Sad you were too sick to really enjoy it. Glad you have a season pass and can get a re-do!

Beautiful duet

Sydney was asked to sing in sacrament meeting. Tristan has been taking the discussions and we knew he was an amazing singer. We decided to have them do a duet. They sang 'Come Thou Fount' and is was beautiful!  Elder Dodge accompanied them on the piano and the arrangement they came up with was simply amazing!  They had the final verse start out with Sydney singing a solo without the piano. Then Tristan joined in, then the piano. The spirit flooded the room. I was shaking from nerves, but once they started, it was nothing but pure joy. So proud of these two!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

18 and fearless!!!

Ever since Summer was about 7 years old, her dream was to skydive in Fiji. Since she wasn't old enough when she went to Fiji, she had to do it on (or should I say above) American soil. 
Here's the birthday girl chilling by the pool with her dad waiting for her name to be called. 
I insisted on getting a picture with her before I let her jump from a plane. It could very well have been our last picture together. ��
They finally called her name and she was quickly suited up and ready to go. 
It took a while for them to get to 10,000 ft. 
She was the last one out of the plane. 
Smiles from the get-go!
This girl has NO fear!
We probably should have braided her hair or something. Her poor instructor looked like Fabio once all of Summer's hair attacked. ��
I loved this picture. It's that split second when the parachute was diployed. 
We were so glad everyone contributed enough birthday money that she could get the video and photos. They were priceless!
She got a full 60 seconds of free fall, then it took about 8 minutes for her to hit the ground after the parachute diployed. 
As soon as we were done, she got her 'I jumped' t-shirt and we raced back to Palm Springs to meet everyone for her birthday dinner at Spaghetti Factory. Grammy had even baked her a cake. 
I'd say turning 18 was a major success for Summer!!!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter in Palm Springs

As tradition dictates, we returned to Palm Springs for Spring Break. Since it was Conference Sunday, we still put on our Sunday best and headed over to the church building for the 1st Sunday session. 
I sure do love these 3!
I just wish they always got along and that they would show more love one to another. I guess that's every mothers wish. 
My mother is over the top. Not only did the Easter Bunny spoil the kids, but she (along with my dad) had the annual money egg hunt. 
We've decided that the best way to get everyone's attention is to throw money at them. Here they all are waiting patiently to open their found eggs. Summer ended up being the big winner with Sydney a close second. We then chowed down on some yummy ham, cheesy potatoes, and carrot cake cupcakes. It was a great Easter. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cabin in the winter!!!

Jason celebrated his 42nd birthday last week. Back at Christmas, he declared he wanted to spend it at the cabin snowboarding. 
His parents, his sister Heather and her family, and my sister Becky and her family were all game. Brock loved his first visit to the cabin!
We had fun taking snowmobile selfies,
making our own snowboard trails,
sledding on virgin snow,
all while looking good 
even if we happen to steamroll our kids on sleds. �� I love this picture of Becky!
I'm glad Jason made this happen. 
Ty got to skip school and go up on Wednesday. Summer and I joined them LATE (5am) Friday night with the Macbeths. We got down to serious business having fun. They built an awesome sled tunnel,
Ty learned to drive the snowmobile all by HIMSELF, which I don't even do!
Summer and Lexi were the cutest gray and black twins on the mountain. 
Ty got to drive the snowmobile so he could take Brad, Jason, and Chris to the top of our road so they could fly down it, take some sweet jumps, hop back on the snowmobile and do it all over again. Tough life!
Jason is one handsome 42 year old. 
Ty (aka Jason Jr.) loves following in his dad's footsteps. They sure bonded on this trip. He loved the 'no rules' lifestyle. When I arrived, he hasn't showered or brushed his teeth. Gross!!! OK, Jason did have him brush his teeth ONCE!  ��
Does this look like boy heaven, or what!?!
I'm so grateful for my inlaws and all they do for us. They are such examples of true love and a happy marriage. I love them to pieces!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ty's actual birthday.

Ty got a birthday surprise first thing in the morning. Grammy came by before school with a birthday breakfast, hat, and balloons. He felt very loved!
He was off at 12:15 every day this week, so he got a lunch of choice on his special day. InNOut it was!
Sydney had a lacrosse game, but he was a happy camper. They had a great hill he could pound his new soccer ball up. 
He even jumped a fence to shoot on a goal. Age 10 and already busted by the cops!!!
Dinner was his choice and he takes after his Pops. El Torito won out. It was a great day!  Sure do love that sweet kid and that contagious smile! We finished it off visiting Summer at Baskin Robbins for some yummy ice cream sundaes.