Monday, November 14, 2016

Ty and Troy...two giants

 Ty is absolutely loving Scouts!  They
have some amazing merit badges and 
they're pretty spoiled.  He missed sailing a
few weeks back because of soccer, but luckily
 this week it worked out.  Off to the stables we went.
 My not-so-little guy got the full sized horse,Troy.
 Here's a good shot to show the size comparison
between Troy and the ponies.  
 Ty was loving it!  He managed that full grown
beast like the best of 'em UNTIL... was time to trot.  Troy decided it was time to 
race and off he went.  Ty went flying and landed with
quite the thud.  He was so embarrassed but got right
back up and on the horse again.  I was so proud!
Funniest thing, as soon as they started trotting again,
Troy tripped and Ty's head landed square on the back
of his neck.  He is now a full supporter of helmets.
This was Saturday, and every second since, Ty's
been begging to go back and ride again,  HaHa
His Great-Grandad Stewart (a true cowboy) would be 
so proud. Glad this kid has bones of steel!!! That 
was a long, hard fall!  The scout leaders were so 
glad I was there.  That would have been an 
awkward phone call home.  :P

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween 2016

Syd started out Halloween with a bang. Weston loaded his Jeep with friends and they were off on an off-roading adventure. (Weston, Isaac, Sydney, and Baylee)
They were pretty proud of themselves when they returned. That was one mud caked Jeep. 
Syd and her friends all bought these dumb CareBear onesies. They wore them the week prior to Wood Canyon's Trunk-or-Treat. Easy for me. Ty was more difficult. We went with 'Bad Surgeon' and dowsed him in 'blood'. 
Here they are from the Trunk-or-Treat
Syd's group of friends is awesome!  They have so much fun together. 
Sophie, Maddie, Syd, and Amanda
Weston, Kolton, and Isaac
Syd and Isaac are adorable together. They are blissfully happy and such good kids. Makes parenting a lot easier!  

Happy Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fall cabin trip

All this boy ever wants is a 
trip to the cabin.  No joke!  We talked about
another cruise, or a trip out of the country.
He says nope, just the cabin!
I think Scoop likes the cabin just as much 
as Ty does.  Possibly more, although Ty would
 fight me on that.
Syd spent a lot of time here exploring with 
Ellie and Tanner in the past.  She took a lot of solo
walks this trip and I know they were right
there, walking beside her!
The weather was PERFECT and
we enjoyed a lot of time on the porch.
Summer and Mat joined us, too. Always a treat.
Oh, how I love this kid!!!
Since my dad retired, we decided he HAD
to join us.  We missed having my Mom there,
but we will bring them both next time.
We got my dad a couple simple art kits
for his birthday.  I was thrilled that he brought
the sketching kit and put it to use on the trip.
I mean, come on!  How attractive is that
dad of mine!?!  Love that man to pieces!!!
Jason finally allowed the kids to play Risk.
Normally he takes it too seriously for them to
play, but they did it.  I don't know that any of
them had the same love for the game that he does.
Summer and Mat teamed up and killed everyone!
How I miss this sweet girl!  I'm grateful for every
opportunity I have to spend time with her.
Those four-wheelers get put to good use!
Ty refuses to ride with Pops anymore.  Way too
crazy!  I swear my dad is Ty's age mentally. ;)
I think my Dad really enjoyed his time there.
Who wouldn't with all the fall colors.
Satellite TV allowed him to still watch his
political shows.  darn it.  HaHa
Can you find Mat and Summer?
This was our crazy bunch after 'church'.
Church there is awesome.  It's only about 45
minutes and you can come as is.  LOVE IT!
Of course we had to make a stop at Cedar Breaks...
and of course, Mat led the kids to the edge of the cliff!
Always an adventure with that fearless guy!

We took a drive to Sydney Canyon one night
to look for elk.  Deer were all over our cabin, but the
elk were hard to find.  Luckily for us, the shepherds no 
longer allow their sheep to graze on our private property
(the sheep contaminated our drinking water).  Well, sad for 
us, they have taken over Sydney Canyon.
It was still fun to see, even though the elk
would have been better.

We love this place and cherish EVERY
memory made at the Stewart Cabin!

Weaver Open House

We enjoyed a beautiful Open House in Utah for
 Mat and Summer on the evening of August 22, 2016.
It was in his parents backyard and
 everything waas perfect!
 This cake had everyone believing it was real.  ;)
Mat's mom had that topper made.
 We were lucky enough to get Porter there, 
even though Jessie had a volleyball game that night.
 He and Syd put the photo booth to work!
 Smiles all around!
 Ty has been such a good sport through all of this.
He and Max started playing Pokemon Go that
weekend and I think it was a lifesaver!
They even had me take them to BYU's
campus, where, apparently, the best Pokemon
 live. I need to emphasis the fact that he does
not have an iPhone.  HaHa  That
one is Jason's.
 I'm sad this one was out of focus.  She is so happy!
What else can I ask for?
 These 2 will forever be goofballs!
 One more goofball the join them!
 Marni made BOTH receptions.  She was the only one to do so.
She is such a sweetheart!  It meant the world to me!
 Our favorite little guy spent the weekend with us, too.
Cemetery visits, Pokemon, Panda Express (his favorite)...
not a bad deal for him!
 We sure adore you, Max!
 These 2 haven't complained once.  They were
my biggest helpers through the entire month 
of August.  Not-so-fun-fact: They went back to school
2 days after the wedding, so they already had to miss a day
of school to drive to Utah for the Open House.  
 I sure love this man!  How does he still
look 25!?!  Glad he's getting a little gray.
Maybe people will stop thinking he's Sydney's
boyfriend (TRUE STORY)!  Creepy!  ;)
Thanks for another great party, Weavers!
We sure love you two! 

Monday, October 24, 2016

The magic is in the details

 Every detail came together flawlessly for this wedding!  My friends are so talented and they came through for us, big time!  
Hair by Liz Carbello
 These adorable take-away cookies were just perfect!
Cookies by TheCookieCurator
Summer's make-up was flawless!
Make-up by Diana Cooley
 The CAKE!  This was a show stopper!
Cake by TwinMadeCakes
 Even the flowers were handmade and edible! 
 The baked goods were devowered!
Chocolate chip cookies by ReahAnn Nobleza
 Lemon bars by Rachel Earnest
Brownies by BSweetBakeryBoutique
 Aunt Becky made Mat and Summer a beautiful guest book filled with pictures of them dating and their engagement pictures.
Engagement pictures by JenniferEliasonPhotography
 Mat designed Summer's insanely gorgeous ring!  He also got his dad's hand-me-down wedding ring. They were exactly what they both wanted. 
 The photography at this wedding was unreal!
Photos by MissyShots
 Summer gave her bridesmaids these beautiful necklaces with matching earrings to wear on the big day.  They were the perfect touch!
 My friend Meagan was an answer to many prayers.  She held our hands through all the big decisions and did ALL of our flowers for the wedding.
 Summer has such simple taste and was very adament about simple flowers,  She specified NO ROSES! How do you do a wedding without roses?  Meagan found a way!
 The centerpieces on the tall cocktail tables were simple, but sweet.
 Flowers by Meagan Young
 Little details, like rolled forks and knives really make the buffet line more manageable.  With over 250 guests, we never did have a traffic problem in the buffet line.  Thanks for all the wrapping, Rice's!
 3 gourmet salads greeted the guests.
Caesar salad by Carrie Cook
Quinoa salad by Brooke Wilkins
Pasta Salad by Tammy Mitchell
The most delicious smoked ham by my Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Randy, too!
My mom's famous rolls, we can never forget!!!
 I had friends chopping fruits and veggies like crazy that morning!
Kourtney Harrison, Laura Nichols, Cristy Kiessel, Heather Wallin, Jenny and Jackie, Patrice are all ROCK STARS!!!

 Everything was bright, fresh, and delicious!
 Becky's fruit dip tied it all together!
 Doesn't that just look mouthwateringly good!?!
We have wooden signs all over, too.  They now make beautiful artwork for Summer and Mat's apartment.
Signs by Helle vonSchlegell and driftwoodstudio2015