Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter in Palm Springs

As tradition dictates, we returned to Palm Springs for Spring Break. Since it was Conference Sunday, we still put on our Sunday best and headed over to the church building for the 1st Sunday session. 
I sure do love these 3!
I just wish they always got along and that they would show more love one to another. I guess that's every mothers wish. 
My mother is over the top. Not only did the Easter Bunny spoil the kids, but she (along with my dad) had the annual money egg hunt. 
We've decided that the best way to get everyone's attention is to throw money at them. Here they all are waiting patiently to open their found eggs. Summer ended up being the big winner with Sydney a close second. We then chowed down on some yummy ham, cheesy potatoes, and carrot cake cupcakes. It was a great Easter. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cabin in the winter!!!

Jason celebrated his 42nd birthday last week. Back at Christmas, he declared he wanted to spend it at the cabin snowboarding. 
His parents, his sister Heather and her family, and my sister Becky and her family were all game. Brock loved his first visit to the cabin!
We had fun taking snowmobile selfies,
making our own snowboard trails,
sledding on virgin snow,
all while looking good 
even if we happen to steamroll our kids on sleds. �� I love this picture of Becky!
I'm glad Jason made this happen. 
Ty got to skip school and go up on Wednesday. Summer and I joined them LATE (5am) Friday night with the Macbeths. We got down to serious business having fun. They built an awesome sled tunnel,
Ty learned to drive the snowmobile all by HIMSELF, which I don't even do!
Summer and Lexi were the cutest gray and black twins on the mountain. 
Ty got to drive the snowmobile so he could take Brad, Jason, and Chris to the top of our road so they could fly down it, take some sweet jumps, hop back on the snowmobile and do it all over again. Tough life!
Jason is one handsome 42 year old. 
Ty (aka Jason Jr.) loves following in his dad's footsteps. They sure bonded on this trip. He loved the 'no rules' lifestyle. When I arrived, he hasn't showered or brushed his teeth. Gross!!! OK, Jason did have him brush his teeth ONCE!  ��
Does this look like boy heaven, or what!?!
I'm so grateful for my inlaws and all they do for us. They are such examples of true love and a happy marriage. I love them to pieces!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ty's actual birthday.

Ty got a birthday surprise first thing in the morning. Grammy came by before school with a birthday breakfast, hat, and balloons. He felt very loved!
He was off at 12:15 every day this week, so he got a lunch of choice on his special day. InNOut it was!
Sydney had a lacrosse game, but he was a happy camper. They had a great hill he could pound his new soccer ball up. 
He even jumped a fence to shoot on a goal. Age 10 and already busted by the cops!!!
Dinner was his choice and he takes after his Pops. El Torito won out. It was a great day!  Sure do love that sweet kid and that contagious smile! We finished it off visiting Summer at Baskin Robbins for some yummy ice cream sundaes. 

Ty's 10th birthday party

Ty decided he wanted a beach bonfire as his party of choice to celebrate his double digits.
 Ruslan, Elijah, Owen, and Logan (who came a little later) joined us for some sandy fun.
 It was Brock's first ever beach bonfire.  "Peace out!"
 Haley and Summer giggles like schoolgirls wrapped up in towels.  I had reserved the pit with 3 chairs and a table.  When we arrived, they were nowhere to be seen.  Goodbye table and chairs.
 The boys had a blast with the lacrosse sticks Ty gave them and we set up some cones and they played soccer.  Does life get any better than that for a 10 year old and his friends?  I think not!
 Becky and Lexi looking beautiful at sunset.
 Ty got a light-up kindama from Aunt Becky and Uncle Brad.  Those things are all the rage.  YoYo's are coming back, too.  Crazy fads.
 Jason and Tristan were our fire starters.  It was a bit slow going, but we got it roaring and roasted our hotdogs and made some yummy s'mores to go with our cupcakes.  VERY nutritious meal!  ;)
 Summer even snapped a shot to prove I was there.  Yay, me.
Sydney never goes anywhere without her lacrosse stick.  Tristan even invested in one so they can toss back and forth. 
Silly Summer and Tristan. 

Such a fun party!!! Happy 10th, Ty!  Love you, dude!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Surfin' in February

While everyone else is ankle deep in snow, we have been ankle deep in sand. This was back in February...I'm a little behind on blogging. ��
Wetsuits (that Ty swears he didn't even need), surfboards, and friends. 
Lindsay is going to India with Summer this summer to do humanitarian work. They're adorable friends!
Tristan is a permanent fixture around our house now. The joke is that he's my favorite child. 
What's better after an afternoon surfing?  Napping in a big heap on the surfboard. 
When we got home, Summer got a fun surprise. Caden (a boy from Ladera) invited her to Mormal. She finally got a dress and we are excited for it next weekend. 

It's so fun having teenagers!!!

Summer's in the middle of fundraising for India. Here's her site if you'd like to learn more and/or donate:

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Santa Barbara

Last Saturday, we got a brand new car. A zippy Mazda 6. What's the best way to break in a new car??? A road trip!!!
We couldn't leave until Jason got off work, so with traffic we didn't get to Santa Barbara until 9:30pm. Once we checked in, the boys insisted on watching a couple episodes of Psych on the iPad to prepare for their Psych tour of Santa Barbara the next day. 
First thing in the morning, we headed over to the Santa Barbara Police Department. Ty pulled the Shawn Spencer pose while Jason was Lassie. If you haven't seen the show, these boys will convince you to watch it. Jason swears it's funnier than Seinfeld...and cleaner. ��
The real show was filmed in Canada, even though they said it was Santa Barbara. Luckily we knew that going in, so the boys weren't totally disappointed. 
Ok, the psych tour wasn't why we went to Santa Barbara. �� Sydney had her first lacrosse tournament. Her club team is Aliso's really just her high school team, but it was a club tournament, so her coach got creative. 
We got to watch her play 3 games on Sarurday. The weather was PERFECT!  She played great, even though her team got killed in all 3 games we saw. 
In between games, we tried to squeeze in as much site seeing as possible. The pier was a must for me. There was an awesome skate park at the entrance to the pier, so the boys were thrilled, too. 
It was Valentines Day, so we took some time to pose for some pictures. The pelican was jealous, I do believe. 
Maybe she thought Ty was her Valentine. 
It was a great mini-vacation with just the 3 of us. We never got to hang out with Syd. She had a blast and ended up sitting on the sidelines for their Sunday games...what a good girl. We were glad to get her back home Sunday night. 
We will be going back!  I'm sold on Santa Barbara.