Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Max :(

Our little nephew Max had a very traumatic experience the Saturday we were in Arizona. He got his arm and hand stuck in their airplane hangar door. His hand was mangled and his arm broke in 3 places. 
The ambulance took him to the Provo hospital, where they said it was too much for them to handle. He was then life flighted to Children Hospital in SLC. 
Those smiles are pretty pushed. Poor guy was there for 6 days!!!
Multiple surgeries, lots of pain meds, and possibly a lost pinky finger. 
He's been such a trouper. 
His Primary even sent along all these cards of well wishes. He got released from the hospital just in time for Easter. His pinky is still in question. With all that happened, we are so lucky it's just a pinky. 

Now scroll down further if you aren't squeemish. They had been using leech therapy to try to get the blood flow working in his pinky. Still praying that it will survive. We love you, Max!!!

Prom for Goose and Summer

Talk about a dream come true for Summer. She got to go visit Goose for the tail end of our spring break and go to prom with him. 
It all started out with a date at Out of Africa. It just so happens to be one of Summer's favorite places on the planet. 
While they were there, I got to enjoy a delicious lunch with a few of my Arizona friends. That night, Jasmine planned a surprise bonfire for Summer at the Banks' house. It was really fun to see everyone (especially Leah). Summer has the pics from that night. 
Goose planned an outing to Flagstaff to go ice skating Saturday morning. Then, it was time to pamper this beauty.  
My mom had made this amazing dress!  Can you believe it!?!  She is so talented!!!
They looked so good together. Those are some very real smiles. :)
The Banks went all out and created 'Gustav's Bistro' for them (along with Ryan and Alyssa). Complete with stake, shrimp, twice baked potatoes, and more yumminess. 
I loved that all 4 of them matched. :)
Sydney was at Madi's the entire weekend. I didn't get to see her at all until church on Sunday. 
She got to hit up a school dance with her besties. 
Then, she caught up with some other friends at church on Sunday. 

It was a very successful trip with a lifetime of memories!!!

Here's a shot of the glam crew (Pam, Jasmine, and Maxine). Nice try, Goose. Get out of there!  ;)
Here's that pic of Leah and Sumner at the bonfire. Cutest girl ever!  We ALL miss her dearly!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Grandma and Grandad Visit

I am so lucky to have nearly perfect in-laws (although I could leave out the word nearly and be telling the truth).   ;)
My father-in-law was able come and give the girls their patriarchal blessings. 
We got to spend the whole weekend with them and it was wonderful. We headed to Dana Point to enjoy some El Torito. They were seated with a view of the harbor. 
It was the same harbor that Great-Grandpa Cliff had his sailboat docked. It was named the JENNETTE (after Aunt Jenny and Aunt Annette). 
We totally forgot to take pictures in their Sunday best, but Syd got one cute shot. 
It was beautiful weather with a slight breeze, so we whipped out the kites. 
Aren't they adorable!?!!? We are all so blessed!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Time Out for Women 2014

My Aunt Tammy and I have gone to Time Out for Women for 3 years now. My mom and Amy joined us 2 years ago in Billings for it, and Amy surprised us all with tickets to the one in Long Beach this year. 
It's not very often we are all together. I'm sad this picture turned out so dark. :(
What a fun bunch of ladies. My mom has the pictures that include Tammy. Sad I don't have those to post. 
John Bytheway has always been a favorite of mine to listen to with the youth. I was so excited to hear him in person. He did not disappoint!
In the LDS world, Hilary Weeks is the equivalent of Celine Dion. She does TOFW every year at different locations. This was my first time being at one of her locales. LOVED IT!
4 years ago, in Phoenix, the only food option open for Tammy and me was Hooters. It would have never been a choice we would have made, but it was a necessity. This year, it was the only restaurant with immediate seating for our 90 minute lunch break. Bec and Amy weren't thrilled about it, but they were good sports. 
We had terrible service, mediocre food, and great company. We will plan better next time, that's for sure.     

Thanks, ladies, for another wonderful, uplifting, and much needed girls weekend.  Love you all!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mr. T is 9!

The partying started on Sunday with the whole family. 
It then continued on Monday where my parents treated us to an amazing adventure and experience at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour. 
Present time!
He got the 'Zoo', which is a $60 bowl of ice cream for the table to split. 
PLUS, they gave him a birthday sundae!
On his actual birthday (Tuesday), his friends took him to Yogurtland after school while Jason snuck his big surprise into the backyard. Our basketball addict was thrilled!  Happy 9th birthday, Mr. T. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Summer's wild Mormal

Wow!  I've always known Summer was pretty, but once Maxine and Jasmine did her hair and makeup, she was BEAUTIFUL!!!
Goose waited patiently while the girls worked their magic. He loved the finished product. How fun, having your best friend there...although he would have been a great date, too. 
Remember her crazy 3 boy Valentine's Day?  Well, the 3 same boys struck again. Ryan was at the front door with Josh (her actual date), while Goose was inside with her. She had no idea that Ryan was going. She hadn't been in touch with him since the Banks' arrived and it was a last second blind date for him. Awkward???  YES!!! Poor Josh. 
Ryan, MJ, Josh, and Summer
They still had a great time and she was in the door by 12:01 and she then stayed up until 3 am with Goose. Busy, beautiful, and popular, girl!  

10 couples had dinner on the beach before the dance. The setting was beautiful. Summer loved that Haley ended up being in the same group. What pretty ladies. :)

Saturday, March 15, 2014


We were so excited to have the Banks Family come to visit us. Well, some of the Banks' anyway. They have 11 kids, and only the 9 youngest came. Only. ;)
We started out at Fuddruckers the night they arrived. 
The next day we headed to Knott's Berry Farm. 
We separated. Older kids did the crazy rides, while we adults stayed with the younger bunch and did the tamer rides. 
We came prepared with trash bags for the rapids. Pam looked a little too cute in hers. 
The best part was the fact that it reunited these two. Goose and Summer have been best friends since they were 14. They text and talk almost daily since we moved 2 years ago. What a great reunion. 
Jamie spoiled the boys and bought them personalized horse shoes that they watched this blacksmith make. 
I insisted they ride my favorite ride!  Camp Snoopy's Woodstock's Airmail. It's seriously so fun!!!
Snoopy even made an appearance. 
We finished the day off at the Stunt Show. It was a blast of a day!!!