Sunday, May 14, 2017


 We arrived in Chicago at about 1:30 in the afternoon, checked into out hotel, and off we went.  I love that there are parks EVERYWHERE!  We definitely came at the right time of year.  The weather has been perfect, the people friendly, and the attractions are so cool!
We knew we wanted to see 'The Bean' right away.  We were all surprised by how much we truly loved it!  Walking inside of the bean was unlike anything we expected.  Very trippy.
 Our small crew has been getting around! This was our 'on foot' day.
 We dipped out feet in Lake Michigan, then made our way to Buckingham Fountain just in time for sunset with the sky risers behind us.  The picture doesn't do it justice,

 We started Mother's Day off with a FaceTime with Zane, a nice breakfast at the hotel, then church on Foster Ave.  I tried my hardest to find a missionary that knew Fletcher (who's currently serving here, but apparently in a different mission).  We then headed to Wrigley Field.
The cubs are out of town this week, but my parents will catch a game
Tuesday night after they drop us off at the airport.

It's safe to say, we are loving Chicago!  Now we're off for the bus tour!

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