Monday, November 14, 2016

Ty and Troy...two giants

 Ty is absolutely loving Scouts!  They
have some amazing merit badges and 
they're pretty spoiled.  He missed sailing a
few weeks back because of soccer, but luckily
 this week it worked out.  Off to the stables we went.
 My not-so-little guy got the full sized horse,Troy.
 Here's a good shot to show the size comparison
between Troy and the ponies.  
 Ty was loving it!  He managed that full grown
beast like the best of 'em UNTIL... was time to trot.  Troy decided it was time to 
race and off he went.  Ty went flying and landed with
quite the thud.  He was so embarrassed but got right
back up and on the horse again.  I was so proud!
Funniest thing, as soon as they started trotting again,
Troy tripped and Ty's head landed square on the back
of his neck.  He is now a full supporter of helmets.
This was Saturday, and every second since, Ty's
been begging to go back and ride again,  HaHa
His Great-Grandad Stewart (a true cowboy) would be 
so proud. Glad this kid has bones of steel!!! That 
was a long, hard fall!  The scout leaders were so 
glad I was there.  That would have been an 
awkward phone call home.  :P

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