Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween 2016

Syd started out Halloween with a bang. Weston loaded his Jeep with friends and they were off on an off-roading adventure. (Weston, Isaac, Sydney, and Baylee)
They were pretty proud of themselves when they returned. That was one mud caked Jeep. 
Syd and her friends all bought these dumb CareBear onesies. They wore them the week prior to Wood Canyon's Trunk-or-Treat. Easy for me. Ty was more difficult. We went with 'Bad Surgeon' and dowsed him in 'blood'. 
Here they are from the Trunk-or-Treat
Syd's group of friends is awesome!  They have so much fun together. 
Sophie, Maddie, Syd, and Amanda
Weston, Kolton, and Isaac
Syd and Isaac are adorable together. They are blissfully happy and such good kids. Makes parenting a lot easier!  

Happy Halloween!!!

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