Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Weaver Open House

We enjoyed a beautiful Open House in Utah for
 Mat and Summer on the evening of August 22, 2016.
It was in his parents backyard and
 everything waas perfect!
 This cake had everyone believing it was real.  ;)
Mat's mom had that topper made.
 We were lucky enough to get Porter there, 
even though Jessie had a volleyball game that night.
 He and Syd put the photo booth to work!
 Smiles all around!
 Ty has been such a good sport through all of this.
He and Max started playing Pokemon Go that
weekend and I think it was a lifesaver!
They even had me take them to BYU's
campus, where, apparently, the best Pokemon
 live. I need to emphasis the fact that he does
not have an iPhone.  HaHa  That
one is Jason's.
 I'm sad this one was out of focus.  She is so happy!
What else can I ask for?
 These 2 will forever be goofballs!
 One more goofball the join them!
 Marni made BOTH receptions.  She was the only one to do so.
She is such a sweetheart!  It meant the world to me!
 Our favorite little guy spent the weekend with us, too.
Cemetery visits, Pokemon, Panda Express (his favorite)...
not a bad deal for him!
 We sure adore you, Max!
 These 2 haven't complained once.  They were
my biggest helpers through the entire month 
of August.  Not-so-fun-fact: They went back to school
2 days after the wedding, so they already had to miss a day
of school to drive to Utah for the Open House.  
 I sure love this man!  How does he still
look 25!?!  Glad he's getting a little gray.
Maybe people will stop thinking he's Sydney's
boyfriend (TRUE STORY)!  Creepy!  ;)
Thanks for another great party, Weavers!
We sure love you two! 

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