Monday, October 24, 2016

The magic is in the details

 Every detail came together flawlessly for this wedding!  My friends are so talented and they came through for us, big time!  
Hair by Liz Carbello
 These adorable take-away cookies were just perfect!
Cookies by TheCookieCurator
Summer's make-up was flawless!
Make-up by Diana Cooley
 The CAKE!  This was a show stopper!
Cake by TwinMadeCakes
 Even the flowers were handmade and edible! 
 The baked goods were devowered!
Chocolate chip cookies by ReahAnn Nobleza
 Lemon bars by Rachel Earnest
Brownies by BSweetBakeryBoutique
 Aunt Becky made Mat and Summer a beautiful guest book filled with pictures of them dating and their engagement pictures.
Engagement pictures by JenniferEliasonPhotography
 Mat designed Summer's insanely gorgeous ring!  He also got his dad's hand-me-down wedding ring. They were exactly what they both wanted. 
 The photography at this wedding was unreal!
Photos by MissyShots
 Summer gave her bridesmaids these beautiful necklaces with matching earrings to wear on the big day.  They were the perfect touch!
 My friend Meagan was an answer to many prayers.  She held our hands through all the big decisions and did ALL of our flowers for the wedding.
 Summer has such simple taste and was very adament about simple flowers,  She specified NO ROSES! How do you do a wedding without roses?  Meagan found a way!
 The centerpieces on the tall cocktail tables were simple, but sweet.
 Flowers by Meagan Young
 Little details, like rolled forks and knives really make the buffet line more manageable.  With over 250 guests, we never did have a traffic problem in the buffet line.  Thanks for all the wrapping, Rice's!
 3 gourmet salads greeted the guests.
Caesar salad by Carrie Cook
Quinoa salad by Brooke Wilkins
Pasta Salad by Tammy Mitchell
The most delicious smoked ham by my Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Randy, too!
My mom's famous rolls, we can never forget!!!
 I had friends chopping fruits and veggies like crazy that morning!
Kourtney Harrison, Laura Nichols, Cristy Kiessel, Heather Wallin, Jenny and Jackie, Patrice are all ROCK STARS!!!

 Everything was bright, fresh, and delicious!
 Becky's fruit dip tied it all together!
 Doesn't that just look mouthwateringly good!?!
We have wooden signs all over, too.  They now make beautiful artwork for Summer and Mat's apartment.
Signs by Helle vonSchlegell and driftwoodstudio2015

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