Monday, October 24, 2016

The perfect wedding!

 I really do miss blogging.  Since Amy has passed away, I spend a lot of time on her blog.  It's a little window into her soul.  Here is my window.  I love that blogs will last and these memories can be passed down for generations.  Now, for one of the best days:
The Weaver Wedding
August 13, 2016
 We had so many of our loved ones in the Newport Beach Temple with us that day.  Not one empty seat. Our Foster side picture has significantly shrunk, but we know that sealing room held Amy, Mark, Tanner, and Ellie.

 My parents were an amazing help getting this wedding ready.  My mom, alone, baked over 400 of her famous rolls!  Not to mention all the sewing she did.  
 The wedding party looked amazing!  It was soooo hot that day!  We were all sweaty, grumpy, and trying our best to not complain.
 You wouldn't even know it by looking 
at the photos our photographer Melissa took.
 Summer was GORGEOUS!!! 
 Her dress was PERFECT! We lucked out to find it on our first day of searching!
 They really are the perfect couple!
 While the rest of us ran to the Olive Garden to get out of the heat, Melissa took these 2 down to the beach to take a few shots.  Holy cow!  I'm so glad she did!  They were amazing!!!
 Once we arrived at the reception, it was time for more pictures.
 The ocean view was spectacular!  
 It truly was a picture perfect location.
 Jason and I added some gray hairs, but it was all worth it!
 I'm sad Jenny and Jackie weren't in this picture.  The Stewart side worked their tails off for this wedding!  I literally couldn't have done it without them!
 Grandad was able to seal Mat and Summer in the temple. What a special experience that was for all of us!
Becky was a trooper with 5 day old, Eli!  I love my family, especially when they GROW in size.

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