Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Smarty Pants!!!

Today was the honor roll assembly
at the girls' school. Jason and I are
so proud of them! I love having smart
kids....they make up for me! :0)
I love this picture of Summer because
the basketball net makes her look
like she is having a really bad hair day!!!
Ali, Sydney, Ayna, & Liza
are the cutest group of friends.
Smart friends, too!

Way to go girls!!!

Now, look to the left. Can you
find the giveaway picture for this week.
I will post each weekly giveaway and if
it interests you, click on it and you will
be taken over to my Etsy blog. Then follow
the directions and cross your fingers.
Good luck!!!


Karrie said...

Keep up the good work!
You should be very proud of yourselves <3
Big hugs and kisses sent your way!!!!

Kandy said...

Wow, they are the best - keep up the good work. Grammy is very proud too but I must disagree with your mom! She is very smart too! She just didn't like to work too hard in school. Guess it interfered with her socializing!

Sarah said...

That's wonderful, may they continue to excel in school.

Too funny about the basketball net picture, it really does look like an extension of her hair.