Monday, March 2, 2009

We love DC!!!

OK, get ready! Here are a few
more of our pictures from our
amazing trip to Washington DC!
All three of the kids got to go into
the cockpit of our plane on the trip
from Phoenix to Baltimore.

Aunt Becky and Uncle Brad told
us to give it a try and the pilot
was awesome. Thanks, US Airways!
Sydney was so impressed with what she learned about George Washington. She was truly surprised by how religious of a man he was. Touring Mount Vernon really made an impact on her.

Summer posed in the main auditorium at Arlington Cemetery. It was snowing lightly that day and everything was wet and beautiful!

Sydney took this great picture of the US Capitol Building before our tour. Have you ever wondered what that statue is on top?Well, this is what is on top! It is a statue of 'Lady Liberty'. That is not at all what I expected it to be. I was thinking it was a president. Shows how much I know!
The girls took this one for Pops! My dad was in the Navy during the Vietnam War and we are so proud of him for that! Thanks, dad!
This is Sydney posing in front John F. Kennedy's 'Eternal Flame' with Arlington House in the background. Syd is learning about the Civil War in school, so this was a cool spot for her. In the Visitors Center there is a photo of soldiers in front of Arlington House from the Civil War. I'll have to post that later!
We really had a great experience watching the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
We stood in the perfect spot where we were able to get within 1 foot of the guards and make eye contact with them. That is one touching ceremony!The Smithsonian's Natural History Museum has a new Butterfly Pavilion where they keep it 88 degrees and have butterflies year round. It was really neat to see so many beautiful butterflies up close. Summer never got one to land on her so she said, "That was dumb." She was just jealous! :0)
We had the whole gang take the Metro to the White House. It's a little disappointing that you can't get any closer than that, but the tours are supposed to open up again soon. It is closed while the Obama's get acclimated.
Of all the monuments and memorials, Lincoln is my favorite. The size and grandeur are impossible to describe. One of our facts we found about this was that each of the 39 pillars is so large that it takes 5 grown men (with arms outstretched) to wrap their arms around one column!
On our last night in Washington DC, we attended a formal dinner where Bill Cosby came to perform. It was so great to watch my kids laugh hysterically at the man I grew up watching. We didn't watch much TV growing up, but the Cosby Show was a staple that I will forever remember.

This was one vacation that none of us will ever forget....OK, maybe Ty will, but the rest of us won't!!!


Karrie said...

Looks like you all had a FANTASTIC time! DC is great! The changing of the guards has to be one of my favs too. it is so nice to look at your pictures since your kids are always smiling :) Thanks for the idea for Thomas and the cock pit when we go to Florida next month. He will be so excited just to get on a plane but I think he would enjoy that!

Kandy said...

What great pictures! I loved them Post more.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I meant to comment on the first set but was waiting for the others you promised. Looks like yall had a wonderful time. What a fun and educating place to take the kids for vacation. What airline did you fly on? My husband flies for Southwest Airlines (no, he's not a pilot, he's a peanut slinger, sky waiter, aka Flight Attendant). Anyway, post more pics if you have them. Your kids get cuter and cuter with each new pic.

* Amanda * said...

Jen - great pictures! You guys took in all the sights! And that is cool you got to go in the cockpit. Next time you are on Continental I am sure Paul would let you up front too :P

Sarah said...

I had such a great time looking at the photos of your trip! My family went to DC when my sister and I were about the same age as your girls so it brought back so many memories. One that stands out is that when we went to Arlington, it was a sunny day. When we got off the bus at JFK's gravesite it suddenly started to rain.

How neat that the kids were able to visit the cockpit on your flight, I wondered if that was still something they allowed. I'm glad to see it is.

jorgegr said...

Those are some great pictures and I am sure great memories

amy said...

We love DC too! I hope that you girls will remember your trip more than my boys remember theirs! At least pictures can conjure up some facts for you!