Friday, March 27, 2009

California Adventure

I truly hope my Spring Break photos
aren't boring you, because here come
more! Yep, California Adventure!!!
I was sad that my dad couldn't join us
at California Adventure. My mom, my little
sister, and her husband did, though!

Ty loves his Aunt Ducky (Yes, he can say
Becky, but he thinks it's cute to call her his
Aunt Ducky). He has a serious crush on her...
I can't imagine why!?! Duh...she's adorable!!!
I was surprised at the kid rides there.
I love Bugs Life, so of course, I adored
all of the rides....especially Heimlich!!!
Brad is always the life of the party!
He and Jason had such fun trying to
knock us all down on the rope bridges
(and yes, these were for KIDS, not
adults). I love my family!!!

I'm sad this picture is a little blurry,
but it is hilarious! Becky went down one of the
kid slides and misjudged the end. She flew off
off it and her hair went sky high! Too funny!!!

I am so glad my mom and I made the kids
go to the Pixar Parade! It was awesome!
It's a definite 'Don't Miss'...even for adults!
Thanks for another great day, family!!!


"Blog Artists" said...

My kids have just gone to their bedrooms for their hour of quiet time...aaahhhh....and just read your comment-Thank you. I used to draw elephants all the time as my first boyfriend(back in the day) was obsessed about Elephants!
Love reading about your trips, your family always looks so Happy!

kelly said...

looks like you guys have been busy...and fun!

Becky Macbeth said...

Jen, you are soo cute!! we love the blog and the pictures, but most of all we love spending time with your family. you guys are the best!!!

Kandy said...

I love Beckys hair too! It was such a fun day - let's do it again real soon (maybe Ty's 6th birthday would be just fine!)

jorgegr said...

We loved CA Adventure also. We really liked the free tortillas at the Mission Tortilla place-do they still have that?

* Amanda * said...

That is a great picture of your sister! Looks like another fun Stewart trip! I've never been to California Adventure but I think I want to go now :P

Anonymous said...

Your pics are never boring. Love all of them. Your little boy is a cutie!!! He and Race would be T-R-O-U-B-L-E together, huh??!!