Wednesday, March 25, 2009 are OLD!!!

I don't think I have ever seen my husband
enjoy a birthday present more! This year,
we rented him a Jeep for 24 hrs. and we
truly used it!!! 11 hrs. of trail rides under
our belt today and we are exhausted!
Ty joined us for the first half
and we drove a 3 1/2 hr. trail
and hiked to some beautiful
Indian Ruins. Ty brought his
animal print guide and found
'lion tracks' everywhere his
hand touched. He is hilarious!!!

We picked up the girls from school
in the Jeep and they thought that was
really cool. We headed out to Sydney and
Jason's favorite....Broken Arrow! It is the
most famous Pink Jeep Tour trail because
there is a 'staircase' that you drive down that
is nearly STRAIGHT DOWN! Jason was a
champ driving down it and he insisted on
doing it again! We were all screaming
the whole way down!
I jumped out to take this photo of them
coming down the Slide on Broken Arrow.
It was nothing compared to the Staircase,
but it was awesome none-the-less!
Happy Birthday Jason!
I have no idea what I can do to
top this one next year! :0P


Anonymous said...

I want your life. You guys have to much fun. And can Summer get any more grown up looking?

Karrie said...

Happy Birthday Jason!!
I think i have said it many times before...You guys have way too much fun!!! We really need to come out and spend sometime with you! I will be looking forward to seeing how you can top this one ;) I think you need to start thinking now...LOL!! <3 ya!

Karrie said...
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Angela said...

What a great gift!! The scenery there is too beautiful!

Kandy said...

Wow, what a fun birthday for an old man! And once again, Jen really knows how to party! Great job!

"Blog Artists" said...

Happy Birthday Jason...hey,I'm 36 next week!
Looks like you had an amazing day...another one!

jorgegr said...

Sounds like a great time! Happy birthday Jason.

* Amanda * said...

Hey! We have a red Rubicon too! :P

Happy birthday Jason! Beautiful pictures Jen!

Jen Rose said...

That looks like so much fun! I can't believe Jason driving straight down. What a champ! Happy Birthday Jason!