Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ty's actual birthday!

What more could a 4 year old boy
ask for for his birthday than going
to Disneyland? Thanks to Grammy
and Pops, his wish came true!
He even got a $30 Disney Credit Card
to spend there. Of course, he follows
in his dads footsteps and chose
a $35 light saber....crazy boy!

This picture was taken at the beginning of
Pirates of the Caribbean. Notice the smile?
It didn't last long! Who knew he would be more
afraid of that than Space Mountain (which he
claims is his favorite). We had so much fun
watching his reactions on all the rides!
He screamed in delight on Big Thunder
Mountain Railroad. That was always one
of my favorites, too! Cute kids, right!?!
My best friend from Elementary School
joined us with her mom and kids for lunch
and a few rides. Avery (4 1/2) loved hanging
out with Summer and Sydney. She had them
give her piggy back rides all over Disneyland.
Pam's son Brady only liked the Tea Cups
and him and Ty had a blast making us dizzy.
Ty loved being a big man and driving his
car in Autopia. Notice that I am never sitting
with him? He is a booger and never picked to
sit with his mom. I'll pretend it was because
he wanted me taking pictures from afar. :0(
This picture was taken while he watched
an intense part of the Jedi show. Notice the
flared nostrils? I think he was getting ready
to defend his family should harm come our way!
Summer and Sydney enjoyed the experience
just as much as their brother. They have been
there so often, they have the park memorized!

This picture says it all! It was a full day full
of awesome memories! He slept right through
Tinkerbell flying through the fireworks!
We had to end the night in true Stewart style!
We closed down the park and walked out to our car
(one of only about 6 left in the parking lot) to find
this! It's OK....it still didn't ruin our day! It made
it that much more memorable!!! Thanks mom & dad!


"Blog Artists" said...

Aaah, Happy Birthday Ty...that's aodrable of him sleeping...what a wonderful 4th Birthday! FANTASTIC pics...I can't wait to go next year with our girls.

Anonymous said...

GREAT PICTURES!!! And yes, VERY cute kids!! What a fun time it looks like yall all had. Love that pic of him watching that Jedi...he looks like he's really really thinking about it.
Adorable family!! Glad yall had a good, safe trip.

Karrie said...

Happy Birthday Ty! Looks like everyone had a great time. I am sure I will have a few "sleeping" pics when we get home from Disney. I am not leaving home without my jogging stroller just for that reason! Great pics <3

Jen Rose said...

Super cute pics Jen! I'm so glad you guys had fun and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TY! He is so stinkin cute! These pictures are getting me excited...I'm going to Disney in 1 1/2 weeks!

pinkpatrice said...

ahhh, how fun! Disney is the BEST!

* Amanda * said...

Happy Birthday Ty!! Looks like you all had a terrific time, even with the flat tire - poo!

Callie said...

wow he is 4? i thought he was jordans age! crazy!! he looks so cute like you girls. they must get it from their mom!