Monday, March 23, 2009

He's officially 4!!!

The party is over! All of the superheroes
have passed their tests and flown home!

The cake has turned to a few measly
crumbs. Not even enough for Mighty Mouse!
The star treats have vanished, too!
Ty's girlfriend Helen came. So did his
adorable cousin Tanner, and Ty's friends
Henry, Frank, Mary, Liza, & Alyziah.
They were tested to make sure they
deserved their superhero capes. All
of them did! Masks, too! Too cute!!!
That's my very own Superhero Ty!!!
I tried to dress him in our 'color scheme'
but he was not having it. I'm lucky I got
him in matching shorts! He is hard headed!!!
Present time is always a huge success!
How many kids does it take to open a present?
Too many to count! It was a blast!
Pictures of our Spring Break Trip coming soon!


Jennifer said...

what cute little superheros!

Kandy said...

You are the most amazing mom! Wow, what a party! And that's after Disneyland and Calif. Adventure! Can't wait to see what you do next year.

BorneoDiva said...

seems like fun and succesful party! your childrens adorable and cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Great party!! Happy birthday to that ADORABLE little blond man!!!

Can't wait to see pics of vacay!!

* Amanda * said...

That looks like such a fun party! The theme is really cute and you did a great job with it Jen! Cute cute Ty too. :)