Thursday, April 28, 2011

EGGchange Student Funeral

 Summer's EGGchange student finally
bit the dust.  This is what he looked like
originally.  If you saw the photo shoot
post, you will see that he endured many
plastic surgeries.  Robin was a 'good egg'.
 Leah and Summer went on a walk to
the cemetery next to our house and buried
Robin.  They even made headstones and
brought some roses to honor him.
 Ty joined them and made a gravesite
for Bubble (his Beta fish that died this week).
Apparently, Sydney had named her egg
It and made him a grave, also.  See what weird
things happen when you leave the kids home alone!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My must-watch list

Since the series began, Jason and I have
been huge fans of Survivor.  All three of
our kids are hooked, too.  It may have lying,
scheming, and backstabbing, but man is
it ever fun to watch. :0) 
 In second place, The Amazing Race is a top
contender.  What's not to love!?!  Travel,
culture, and challenges.  Fun, right!?!
On the sitcom side, The Office takes the cake.
We are sad to lose Steve Carell, but Will Farrel
may possibly make it worth it.  For the season
finale, even Jim Carrey makes an appearance. 
Should be fun!
What are you watching???

Sunday, April 24, 2011

An egg photo shoot??? Yep!

 Remember how I mentioned Summer's
egg project from school?  Well, she took
it very seriously!  So seriously, in fact, that
she had a photo shoot with Leah.
Sunbathing eggs...
 Almost boiled eggs...
 Candied eggs...
 Plastic surgery eggs (Summer was the surgeon)...
 Skateboarding eggs...
 Sunset-watching eggs...
 Peeping-tom eggs...
 Tree-climbing eggs...
and Lazy eggs.
Too much time on their hands?  Perhaps!  :0)

A beautiful Easter!

 We were lucky enough to have a very special
visitor this Easter.  Lil' Libby came and brought
4 other important people.  It was a great treat
to have my parents, Becky, Brad, and Libby here.
 We all loved smothering Libby with affection
on her first Easter.  The Easter Bunny treated
her well and she dressed the part every day!
 After the kids hunted down the eggs the bunny
hid inside, my parents hid their famous money
eggs in the backyard.  Hunting the acre sized
yard took a while, but we thought we were
successful....until we got home from church and
Sydney found another hard boiled egg out there
we had missed.  It smelled pretty bad already.  :0)
 Here's a shot of Libby showing off her loot.
Ty left notes by each basket to let the Easter
Bunny know who's-was-who's.  He accidentally
wrote a backwards L for Libby so we have been
calling her 'Jibby" all day.  It was pretty cute.
We were sad to say goodbye to our visitors.
Until next time...and Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

We had an EGGcellent Time!

 Summer has been given one of those
school assignments where I was a little
jealous and I wanted to play along.  Meet
Robin Chester, a poor egg boy from England.
Summer had to keep a journal all week, as well
as write a back story of the life of her egg.
 It just so happened that our good friends,
the Westervelts, were coming to visit yesterday.
Summer took charge and taught the little kids
how to blow out an egg and they got started.
Isn't Helen the cutest model ever.  :0)
 Ty's didn't last long, but it was cute.
 Liza and Sydney went a little cRaZy with theirs.
I miss Liza.  She has always been such a great 
friend to Sydney.  What cute girls!
 Mary had a great time trying to make
hers cuter than mine.  :0)  I guess she 
achieved her goal.  Not hard to do.
 We're glad the Westervelts came and 
helped us make a small Egg Village. 
The piece de resistance....
The girlfriend I made for
Robin.  She had beautiful
long braids (although Mary 
thought they looked like
dreadlocks).  :0)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Soccer Tourny

 Sadly, Summer's soccer season at school
has come to an end.  The best part of the
whole season was the tournament our school
hosted at the High School.  You may notice 
the odd undergarments the girls are all wearing.
It was last Saturday & we woke up to snow at
our house!  Luckily, the school isn't up 
in the foothills, so there wasn't snow
on the field...just RAIN!
 It was 35* the WHOLE day!  After the first game
(which we won), we all rushed home and had our
girls take warm showers to recuperate.  Summer
couldn't even straighten out her fingers.  They were
frozen solid, bright red, and swollen.
When she stepped off the field, she looked like
she had just stepped out of the shower.
Do you see who that is???  That's my soccer
star.  That left foot had a lot of action in the
second game for the championship.  Unfortunately,
we lost the final game and came out of the tournament
proud of our second place finish.  Way to go girls!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

An early Easter present.

Thanks to some private donations, our stake
has been privileged enough to have the Fine
Art Photography of Mark Mabry on display
this entire week for the public to enjoy.
The exhibit is called Reflections of Christ.
Through photography, Mark has captured
the most joyful, sorrowful, and sincere
moments in Christ's time on earth. 
If you enjoy these 3 photos, trust
me when I say that there is so much
more.  Please click here to see a small
sample of his wonderful work....just in time
for Easter.  Share it with your loved ones.

Friday, April 15, 2011

13 friends for your 14th birthday!

 What's better than having all of your
friends come over to help you celebrate
your 14th birthday?  NOTHING!
We removed the winter cover
from the pool on Tuesday and it was 41*!
We had already sent out the invitations
& we were beginning to worry.  We heated
the pool for 3 days and it is now a very
expensive 70*.  Well worth it.
We played pool games, Pictionary,
Just Dance, & had a blast.  I love her
friends.  She sure can pick 'em.  Even 
Savanah came over from Sedona.
We had a wonderful time.
Happy 14th Summer!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book of Mormon...the play???

All over the streets in New York City, Summer
found fliers for the new Broadway Play, The Book
of Mormon.  Apparently, it isn't the most positive
portrayal of Mormon Missionaries.  It was written
by the creators of South Park, which I've never seen
but I hear it is quite raunchy.  Anyway, Jason said
this play may end up being a good thing.  It will
peak peoples interest & that can't possibly be a
bad thing.  We have nothing to hide, do we!!!
Just in case you have any questions about
us Mormon's and what we believe, I strongly
recommend you check out
Enjoy!  :0)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ty's bowling party

 Just in case you were wondering,
I believe a bowling party is a must
for 6 year old boys!  They all watched
the scoreboard very seriously as they
awaited their turn.  The score mattered,
but not too much.  I was able to relax 
a bit while they kept up on who's turn it
was and when to go.  I was impressed!
 The birthday boy had a great time 
with all of his best buddies. 
 and Tanner
 What a fun group of boys!
I never thought I would say this, but
I'm ready to go back...with all of them!
They were all very polite and I think (and
hope) they all enjoyed it as much as Ty did.
Happy Belated Birthday, Ty Bradley!

Friday, April 8, 2011

My 14 yr. old!

Where would you want to be on your 
14th birthday?  I doubt you would say
your little brothers bowling party!
Summer is such a good sport.  
She had fun bowling against
Leah.  She had a great day!
 She stayed up late last night making 
cupcakes to take to school for her
homeroom class (I had an overwhelming
schedule the last few days and failed in the
mother department).  Once she got to school
today, she realized it was a waste of her time.
Leah made her this brownie covered in melted
marshmallow, her other friend made cupcakes,
and (as you'll see below) her friend Bailey 
made her a beautiful cake!  Wow! 
One spoiled 'new girl'!
 After her soccer tournament tomorrow,
we will head out to see the Bethany Hamilton
movie 'Soul Surfer' & go out to her birthday
dinner.  I love that girl.  She makes life so
very enjoyable!  Happy Birthday, Bummer!!!