Sunday, April 24, 2011

A beautiful Easter!

 We were lucky enough to have a very special
visitor this Easter.  Lil' Libby came and brought
4 other important people.  It was a great treat
to have my parents, Becky, Brad, and Libby here.
 We all loved smothering Libby with affection
on her first Easter.  The Easter Bunny treated
her well and she dressed the part every day!
 After the kids hunted down the eggs the bunny
hid inside, my parents hid their famous money
eggs in the backyard.  Hunting the acre sized
yard took a while, but we thought we were
successful....until we got home from church and
Sydney found another hard boiled egg out there
we had missed.  It smelled pretty bad already.  :0)
 Here's a shot of Libby showing off her loot.
Ty left notes by each basket to let the Easter
Bunny know who's-was-who's.  He accidentally
wrote a backwards L for Libby so we have been
calling her 'Jibby" all day.  It was pretty cute.
We were sad to say goodbye to our visitors.
Until next time...and Happy Easter!


jorgegr said...

How fun to have your family with you on Easter. Libby is a cutie.

Becky Macbeth said...

Thanks for hosting us! You're a great host and we always love coming to visit! Thanks for a great time, and for spoiling my daughter rotten!

kandy said...

Thanks for a great Easter. It was so fun to be with the kids. They are the cutest!