Thursday, April 21, 2011

We had an EGGcellent Time!

 Summer has been given one of those
school assignments where I was a little
jealous and I wanted to play along.  Meet
Robin Chester, a poor egg boy from England.
Summer had to keep a journal all week, as well
as write a back story of the life of her egg.
 It just so happened that our good friends,
the Westervelts, were coming to visit yesterday.
Summer took charge and taught the little kids
how to blow out an egg and they got started.
Isn't Helen the cutest model ever.  :0)
 Ty's didn't last long, but it was cute.
 Liza and Sydney went a little cRaZy with theirs.
I miss Liza.  She has always been such a great 
friend to Sydney.  What cute girls!
 Mary had a great time trying to make
hers cuter than mine.  :0)  I guess she 
achieved her goal.  Not hard to do.
 We're glad the Westervelts came and 
helped us make a small Egg Village. 
The piece de resistance....
The girlfriend I made for
Robin.  She had beautiful
long braids (although Mary 
thought they looked like
dreadlocks).  :0)


We Blog Artists said...

AND a HAPPY EASTER to you all!
LOVE the egg blowing...brings back many memories!!

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jorgegr said...

What a fun activity.