Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Soccer Tourny

 Sadly, Summer's soccer season at school
has come to an end.  The best part of the
whole season was the tournament our school
hosted at the High School.  You may notice 
the odd undergarments the girls are all wearing.
It was last Saturday & we woke up to snow at
our house!  Luckily, the school isn't up 
in the foothills, so there wasn't snow
on the field...just RAIN!
 It was 35* the WHOLE day!  After the first game
(which we won), we all rushed home and had our
girls take warm showers to recuperate.  Summer
couldn't even straighten out her fingers.  They were
frozen solid, bright red, and swollen.
When she stepped off the field, she looked like
she had just stepped out of the shower.
Do you see who that is???  That's my soccer
star.  That left foot had a lot of action in the
second game for the championship.  Unfortunately,
we lost the final game and came out of the tournament
proud of our second place finish.  Way to go girls!!!


We Blog Artists said...

CONGRATS Summer...you look like a Pro!
Sorry been crazy busy recently...will be passing by more in the near future when the show is done!


The Fosters said...

Brrr, that sounds cold. Hope it is warmer this weekend!