Friday, April 8, 2011

My 14 yr. old!

Where would you want to be on your 
14th birthday?  I doubt you would say
your little brothers bowling party!
Summer is such a good sport.  
She had fun bowling against
Leah.  She had a great day!
 She stayed up late last night making 
cupcakes to take to school for her
homeroom class (I had an overwhelming
schedule the last few days and failed in the
mother department).  Once she got to school
today, she realized it was a waste of her time.
Leah made her this brownie covered in melted
marshmallow, her other friend made cupcakes,
and (as you'll see below) her friend Bailey 
made her a beautiful cake!  Wow! 
One spoiled 'new girl'!
 After her soccer tournament tomorrow,
we will head out to see the Bethany Hamilton
movie 'Soul Surfer' & go out to her birthday
dinner.  I love that girl.  She makes life so
very enjoyable!  Happy Birthday, Bummer!!!


kandy said...

You are an amazing 14 year old who is so loved by Grammy & Pops! Glad you had a good day and that it will continue tomorrow!

Kerry said...

Happy Belated Birthday Summer!
Can't believe you are 14! Jen, I love the vacation pictures. Have a great weekend.

jorgegr said...

We went and saw Soul Surfer-we thought it was good. Jenna did a report on Bethany last year. Happy Birthday to SUmmer!