Thursday, April 7, 2011

A long wait for a party!

This was Ty's original party invitation.
Since his birthday is the day after
St. Patrick's Day, we almost always
have a green color scheme.  Well,
as you know, strep throat struck hard
and we had to postpone the party.
I sent this out to the parents of the party-
goers and one dad pointed out that
they would have to wait a long time for
this party.  MARCH 8th!  Duhhh!  I
laughed pretty hard about that one, especially
since the party will be on Summer's birthday
tomorrow.  And I thought I was so on top
of things.  :0)


kandy said...

I want to come! Have a great time Ty!

Darren and Ashley said...

Mason is so excited! That is a fun birthday idea.