Monday, April 4, 2011

Beans & Rice or Rice & BEAN?

 While I was babysitting Libby in Belize,
I heard a little baby crying.  We walked
over to one of the locals vending tables
and I noticed a hammock in the back.  Inside
the hammock was a little tiny baby.  The mom
would walk by and rock it when the baby 
would cry and then leave the baby there.
 Becky and I decided to give it a try with
Libby the next time we saw a hammock. 
As you can see, she was a big fan!
After our Zipline & Cave Tubing
Excursion in Belize, the tour company
took us to their private 'restaurant' 
and fed us Rice & BEAN.  We all thought
it was quite funny that they called it
Beans and Rice, but there was only 1 or
2 beans on each plate.  Don't get me
wrong, it was delicious! 
 Seeing the way they live there in Belize,
I was happy to have my bean.  There
way of life is very humbling! 
We had a great meal and my sisters
(who NEVER drink anything carbonated)
enjoyed some Fanta as it was the only
choice besides Coke.  We really got
a feel for the culture there that day.
I'm still a huge fan of Belize!

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Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

cute picture of you and Jason