Thursday, April 28, 2011

EGGchange Student Funeral

 Summer's EGGchange student finally
bit the dust.  This is what he looked like
originally.  If you saw the photo shoot
post, you will see that he endured many
plastic surgeries.  Robin was a 'good egg'.
 Leah and Summer went on a walk to
the cemetery next to our house and buried
Robin.  They even made headstones and
brought some roses to honor him.
 Ty joined them and made a gravesite
for Bubble (his Beta fish that died this week).
Apparently, Sydney had named her egg
It and made him a grave, also.  See what weird
things happen when you leave the kids home alone!

1 comment:

kandy said...

They seem to be a bit obsessed with death! Was the fish alive when we were there?