Sunday, May 1, 2011

The fair came to town!

 You know you live in a small town hickville when 
the kids get the day off school for the fair!  :0)
Summer and Leah had the entire off for 'fair day',
while Syd and Ty got early release at noon for it.
 This was our first time going.  It's not a big
deal in Sedona, but in Clarkdale it is BIG
TIME EXCITEMENT!  Ty got a special
award at school that gave him a Star Student
Pass for free admission.  Who knew fairs were
so darn expensive?  I feel poor now that
it's over....seriously!
 This picture is for Pops Pig!
Admission was $10 for adults,
$7 for kids.  Each ride was $3-$4.
The girls bought unlimited ride wristbands
for $30 each (which they totally made worth
it).  Ty ended up spending about $24 on rides,
so I should have bought him one.  Next year
I will plan ahead and save for a few months. 
 There was a petting zoo, a Sea Lion Show, a Rodeo,
rides, food, and lots of fun.  We snuck out at 
3:00 to hit up the KFC for free food
and then Leah and Summer napped
 until 5.  We headed back and watched the 
Rodeo and the kids rode rides until 10:15.  
I called it quits at that point.
 The girls, like I said, got
their monies worth.
 We'll be there next year on Fair Day.
 This was Ty's favorite ride.
It cost us $16.  :0)
This is Sydney and Madi dangling high in the
sky on the scariest ride there.  I was really
proud of Syd.  She went on it at least 3 times.
Grammy- take note.  She said she wants to 
attempt Tower of Terror again at California
Adventure.  Do you believe her?  We'll have 
to see if she comes through on that one. 


jorgegr said...

People here in WA get all excited over the fair too. We went the first year we moved here and have not gone back since. Way over priced (I guess we were spoiled having Disney passes for so many years).

kandy said...

Our fair is ridiculousy expensive too. It did look like everyone had a great time. Where was it?

Anonymous said...

I only said that once, so I could change my mind!