Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's official! I now have a photography blog! Why not, right!?! I was so excited to sell my first print in less than 2 hours, I have ordered more. I would love it if you would all give me some feedback over there at my new blog home. Of course I will keep up on this one...after all, this is my journal! Thanks for all the support you guys give me in my blogging ventures!
I love you all!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My latest find!

My blog friend Angela at
Pickles On Pizza introduced me
to iprintfromhome which is an
awesome print company!
You can click on their button in my sidebar!

I ordered this print below on their
Metallic Photo Paper and I cannot even
begin to tell you how cool it was. Sadly,
I no longer own the print, 'cuz it sold!
Yep, that's right! It sold immediately!

Now, the coolest part is...this company offers
what they call a Tuesday Tweet Treat. Today
(Tuesday) only, you can get a free 11x14
photographic print. F.R.E.E!!! All you have
to do is e-mail them after you order and they
will adjust your payment. You just pay their
$3 shipping. Pretty cool, right!?!
I'll try to keep you updated on their
Tuesday Tweet Treats! ENJOY!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Missing them...

Do you ever smell/see/touch something
that reminds you of someone? Tonight
I decided to make a Pineapple Upside Down
Cake for dessert and it made me think of my
dad. 3 weeks I have to live without him and
my mom...3 weeks! I know that may not seem
like much to most of you, but I have become a
highly dependent child! They are in Amsterdam
right now. They are traveling all over chasing their
ancestral roots. I love that they get this opportunity,
but man is it hard. It has made me come to appreciate
their health, their love, and their companionship!
Just so you know, they live 7 hours away from me
in California anyway. It's not like I normally
see them everyday...I wish!!!
I have been receiving emails from my mom
every other day. She is so hip to be hitting
up Internet Cafes! That cracks me up!
I started a blog as a journaling tool for them.
Feel free to check it out here to learn about
their fantastic travels thus far!

I just had to include a shot of my
daredevil son on his favorite toy!
Yes, I know...he should be wearing
a helmet! I'll work on that! :0)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day!

We hope you had a wonderful
Earth Day today!
My girls proudly wore their
10oneworld shirts to school!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A beautiful Saturday!

Thanks to Summer running track for
her school, we got to spend a lovely day
outdoors. Unfortunately for my fair skinned
girl, one application of sunscreen isn't enough!
We'll just call her red lobster now!
This petite little thing threw the discus
and ran the mile today. She may not win
first place, but I am so impressed with the fact
that she doesn't let it get her down. She always
walks off the field with that gorgeous smile.
I'll take more pictures next week at her meet.

On my list of the reasons I love Sedona,
I forgot to mention the sunsets!!! These are non-
edited shots from our front yard tonight.
It's beautiful and I love it!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sidewalk Chalk!

We have owned Sidewalk Chalk for years
that goes untouched in the garage. I don't
know why, but this time it must be 'special
chalk' from the Easter bunny. We have gone
chalk happy all over our driveway and walkways!
Now, you may think I added b&w pictures
because I like the effect, but the truth is...
Jason dressed Ty and he doesn't match at
all! I swear Jason does this on purpose so
I won't ask him to help. Genius! :0)

Sydney and Ty have become Hopscotch
champions. I am so impressed by both of them!
Summer signs her name with a happy
face on everything...including all her school
work. She gets bothered when I write her
name on here without one. Here we go:
Summer :0)
Are you ready for Earth Day? I thought not!
Head over to my shop right now and I'll give you
$5 off any shirt today! Enter ED10 in notes to seller!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

My friend Liz sent this to me this
morning and I couldn't stop laughing!

From our family to yours....
Happy Easter!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter is almost here!

I love the fact that Jason has been here
for pumpkin carving at Halloween,
caroling this Christmas, and now dyeing eggs
at Easter! I'm glad he's around more!!!
Not only that, but he has
dyeing talent! Check out those circles!!!

Summer was mellow yellow with her
eggs this year...she was more interested
in someone breaking one so she could eat
it! Thanks to Ty, her dream came true!
Ty never even gets dye on the eggs!
It's all about the fingers and hands!
We had fun getting creative this year.
This was my favorite one I made.

Sydney posed for this picture and said,
"Uh, hum....picture please!" It's a good
thing they don't think they are cute or anything!
Grammy sent us some cute Easter crafts
that we had a great time assembling! I love
simple crafts that the kids can do alone without
bursting into tears! Thanks, Grammy!

We hope everyone has a wonderful
Easter! We'll be back with more pictures
tomorrow! Yummy ham dinner on its way!

Friday, April 10, 2009

I love Sedona!!!

Let me tell you why I love Sedona so much!1. I love that I can wake up in the morning
and find a hot air balloon flying right over
my house (on Thursday morning)!

2. We can have a family of Javelina's roam
through our yard while we are barbecuing
(Thursday evening)! Notice the baby?
3. I love that people (especially fun people
like Becky and Brad) come to visit!
I love guests!!! Hint! Hint! :0)
4. I love that there is an adventure in every
direction here....whether it be a lions den or
a cool red rock formation! :0P
5. And, most importantly, I am glad we
are raising 3 healthy, beautiful kids here!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Summer is 12!!!

Let me tell you...we had a great day!
Summer turned 12 yesterday and we
decided to spend the day at
Out of Africa!
It is only 30 minutes outside of
Sedona and you feel as though you
have flown all the way to Africa!

I have taken the kids there once before,
but Jason had never been. We were so lucky
that Aunt Becky and Uncle Brad were still
visiting so they could join us, too!
As part of the admission price, you get
to head out on a safari where you are greeted
by this handsome guy! His name is Kibo
and boy does he love the ladies!!!
I bet Becky never dreamed she would
be french kissing a giraffe today! That's
just not something you think about while
brushing your teeth in the morning!!!
Bec and I both had some sloppy,
sandpaper kisses from Kibo!
This zebra was pretty entertained by our
public displays of affection! :0)
As tradition states, Summer picked
Red Planet Diner for her birthday dinner.
We laughed when we walked through the
door and saw the advertisement for
the place we just left!
Summer is fascinated with aliens! Not because
she believes in them, just because she
thinks they are really weird (like her)!
So, Summer's recommendations for anyone
traveling to Sedona this summer....
1. Go to Out of Africa
2. Eat at Red Planet Diner
3. Rent a jeep or take a
Pink Jeep Tour!!!
Becky and Brad leave tomorrow and our whole
family is bummed! We will miss them so much!
There is never a dull moment when they are
around...just ask our neighbors! :0P
I'll save that story for another time!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Today was Summer's 12th birthday party!
She decided to copy the idea from her Aunt
Becky's 12th birthday party (16 years ago)
and have a backwards party! Here were the invites:
All of the girls showed up with their
clothes on backwards. Braids, shoes,
bras, everything was backwards!!!

When Summer greeted them at the door,
she said, "Goodbye! Thanks for coming to my
party! I had a great time!" Then she handed
them their goodie bags and they came in.

Summer decorated her own cake this
year and we ate that first...before 'breakfast'!

I wish I could take credit for the cute butt in the
middle, but that is my little sister Becky! Wearing
your jeans backwards is not very comfy!!! Becky
and Brad will be here all week for their Spring Break,
so you'll be seeing a ton of pictures of their faces....
and not just her butt!!!

Samantha, Summer, and Annie!
Sam even had sunglasses on the back of
her head and her shoes on the wrong feet.
As you can see, Annie had a big bubble butt
that rivaled mine! She had on a backwards
bra with stuffing on her back!
She won best dressed!
My sweet soon-to-be 12 year old! In 3 days
she will officially go into Young Women's at
church and that makes me so happy!
I am so proud of this gorgeous girl! She
makes me smile from ear to ear every day!!!

Some of Summer's friends couldn't make it
to the party due to soccer tournaments and
sickness, but I am so proud of her and the friends
she keeps! They are an adorable group of
girls. I love all of them!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Brady the Star!!!

We just found out the most exciting news!
My nephew Brady just got the roll of Sam
in the latest Twilight film! He has been a huge
fan of Twilight since the books came out and
this was a dream come true for him! Filming
starts this summer and he is soooo excited!
Congrats, Brady! We are so very proud
of you! We knew you would be a star one day!
If you want to see some clips of
him acting, click on this site:
For those of you late comers,
this was an April Fool's Joke!
Although, Brady will make it big one day!!!