Saturday, April 18, 2009

A beautiful Saturday!

Thanks to Summer running track for
her school, we got to spend a lovely day
outdoors. Unfortunately for my fair skinned
girl, one application of sunscreen isn't enough!
We'll just call her red lobster now!
This petite little thing threw the discus
and ran the mile today. She may not win
first place, but I am so impressed with the fact
that she doesn't let it get her down. She always
walks off the field with that gorgeous smile.
I'll take more pictures next week at her meet.

On my list of the reasons I love Sedona,
I forgot to mention the sunsets!!! These are non-
edited shots from our front yard tonight.
It's beautiful and I love it!!!


brad said...

Summer the RED LOBSTER!! is our favorite Track Star and we love her dearly!!! SHE ROCKS Ellie says!!
those sunsets are very beautiful!
we miss you and love you guys!!
Love the FOSTERS, OPENSHAWS, and bec and brad

jorgegr said...

I am glad some one is doing track-my favorite! Those are great pics of the sunset.

wunderbug said...

your daughter's got such a beautiful smile!

i can completely empathize with the fair skin - give me twenty minutes in the sun and i'm a lobster too!

Piggy said...

your daughter is really cute & pretty :D Don't really think the redness hides that beautiful smile :) Gorgeous photos of the clouds & sky of the setting sun :)