Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sidewalk Chalk!

We have owned Sidewalk Chalk for years
that goes untouched in the garage. I don't
know why, but this time it must be 'special
chalk' from the Easter bunny. We have gone
chalk happy all over our driveway and walkways!
Now, you may think I added b&w pictures
because I like the effect, but the truth is...
Jason dressed Ty and he doesn't match at
all! I swear Jason does this on purpose so
I won't ask him to help. Genius! :0)

Sydney and Ty have become Hopscotch
champions. I am so impressed by both of them!
Summer signs her name with a happy
face on everything...including all her school
work. She gets bothered when I write her
name on here without one. Here we go:
Summer :0)
Are you ready for Earth Day? I thought not!
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4 Lettre Words said...

You have a beautiful family! Great pics!

kandy said...

I love sidewalk chalk but it sure is messy!
Well miss you and talking to you every few days. Let's hope I can e-mail once in a while.
I love you!