Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter is almost here!

I love the fact that Jason has been here
for pumpkin carving at Halloween,
caroling this Christmas, and now dyeing eggs
at Easter! I'm glad he's around more!!!
Not only that, but he has
dyeing talent! Check out those circles!!!

Summer was mellow yellow with her
eggs this year...she was more interested
in someone breaking one so she could eat
it! Thanks to Ty, her dream came true!
Ty never even gets dye on the eggs!
It's all about the fingers and hands!
We had fun getting creative this year.
This was my favorite one I made.

Sydney posed for this picture and said,
"Uh, hum....picture please!" It's a good
thing they don't think they are cute or anything!
Grammy sent us some cute Easter crafts
that we had a great time assembling! I love
simple crafts that the kids can do alone without
bursting into tears! Thanks, Grammy!

We hope everyone has a wonderful
Easter! We'll be back with more pictures
tomorrow! Yummy ham dinner on its way!

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Angela said...

Happy Easter to you and your family! The kids ARE cute!!