Thursday, April 9, 2009

Summer is 12!!!

Let me tell you...we had a great day!
Summer turned 12 yesterday and we
decided to spend the day at
Out of Africa!
It is only 30 minutes outside of
Sedona and you feel as though you
have flown all the way to Africa!

I have taken the kids there once before,
but Jason had never been. We were so lucky
that Aunt Becky and Uncle Brad were still
visiting so they could join us, too!
As part of the admission price, you get
to head out on a safari where you are greeted
by this handsome guy! His name is Kibo
and boy does he love the ladies!!!
I bet Becky never dreamed she would
be french kissing a giraffe today! That's
just not something you think about while
brushing your teeth in the morning!!!
Bec and I both had some sloppy,
sandpaper kisses from Kibo!
This zebra was pretty entertained by our
public displays of affection! :0)
As tradition states, Summer picked
Red Planet Diner for her birthday dinner.
We laughed when we walked through the
door and saw the advertisement for
the place we just left!
Summer is fascinated with aliens! Not because
she believes in them, just because she
thinks they are really weird (like her)!
So, Summer's recommendations for anyone
traveling to Sedona this summer....
1. Go to Out of Africa
2. Eat at Red Planet Diner
3. Rent a jeep or take a
Pink Jeep Tour!!!
Becky and Brad leave tomorrow and our whole
family is bummed! We will miss them so much!
There is never a dull moment when they are
around...just ask our neighbors! :0P
I'll save that story for another time!


Angela said...

You are really having some great birthdays out there! Can I come celebrate mine in October?

jorgegr said...

I am sure you will miss them. At least you have great memories of giraffe kisses.

Anonymous said...

Angela is right, you DO have great birthdays!!
Happy Birthday Summer. Love her name too! She's so cute. Out of Africa sounds very cool.
And Summer, I'm a little fascinated with Aliens too!!! So we're both weird!!! :)

kandy said...

Wow, I am so jealous of all the fun you had. We'll have to go sometime.

Jamie's Jewels said...

Looks like a blast! Im ready for some real fun, its been awhile..

Jen Rose said...

How fun!! I'm thinking I need another trip to Sedona. That looks like a blast! Happy Birthday Summer!