Thursday, April 23, 2009

Missing them...

Do you ever smell/see/touch something
that reminds you of someone? Tonight
I decided to make a Pineapple Upside Down
Cake for dessert and it made me think of my
dad. 3 weeks I have to live without him and
my mom...3 weeks! I know that may not seem
like much to most of you, but I have become a
highly dependent child! They are in Amsterdam
right now. They are traveling all over chasing their
ancestral roots. I love that they get this opportunity,
but man is it hard. It has made me come to appreciate
their health, their love, and their companionship!
Just so you know, they live 7 hours away from me
in California anyway. It's not like I normally
see them everyday...I wish!!!
I have been receiving emails from my mom
every other day. She is so hip to be hitting
up Internet Cafes! That cracks me up!
I started a blog as a journaling tool for them.
Feel free to check it out here to learn about
their fantastic travels thus far!

I just had to include a shot of my
daredevil son on his favorite toy!
Yes, I know...he should be wearing
a helmet! I'll work on that! :0)


Angela said...

AW! Be sure to eat an extra piece for your dad!

Just be glad that they are enjoying the time of their lives!!

Terresa said...

Pineapple upside down cake will always remind me of my grandma. She's suffering from cancer right now, and just cleaned out her pantry. She had 15 cake mixes, waiting to be whipped up for various family members.

PS: found you on Mormon Mommy blogs. Jealous you live in Sedona. I've always wanted to visit there!

Lane & Jannica said...

I want to follow your mom's. What's the address?

Angela said...

Hi Jen!

The link is not working and I don't see it in the sold items in your shop. Do you have another shop I don't know about? :)

Can you put the link in an etsy convo?

Oh and by the way, that is really awesome and congrats...and I can't believe you already have the print! That was quick!

jorgegr said...

I wish I could see my family all the time too. I have been really enjoying them while they are here. It's great that your parents are having the blog for their trip. I will check it out.

Callie said...

i know how you feel, jessie is in africa for 2 1/2 weeks. i only see her like 1x a month, but I like to be able to at least talk to her daily, but apparently not in africa?