Saturday, December 31, 2011

Grammy's birthday at Disneyland & California Adventure

 To celebrate Grammy's birthday, we spent
the day at California Adventure and Disneyland.
Grandma and Grandad gave us money for
Christmas, so this is where we chose to
spend it.  Great choice, if you ask me! 
 It was still all decked out for Christmas
and it even snows on Main Street.
We had a great time and my parents,
Becky, Brad, and Libby, are all set
up with season passes now.  They'll
get to enjoy it until Grammy's
birthday next year.  So fun!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Stewarts

 From our family to yours,
Merry CHRISTmas!
 Summer got her web cam so she
can keep in touch (face to face) with
her Arizona friends and her family.
 Syd and Ty got the helicopters
they asked for.  It has been a 
fun afternoon.
Ty also got his Snowboard for the
hills at the park by our house.  
Now we are off to board a plane
to visit both sets of grandparents.
The spoiling has only just begun.
Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Elf Yourself!

Santa surprised us!

 We had our Ward Christmas Breakfast
last Saturday and Santa made a surprise
visit.  Ty finally got to ask him for the
remote control helicopter he's been admiring 
at one of the kiosk's in the mall.  Santa told 
him it sounds dangerous and he gave him
quite the lecture on how to be safe with it.
I guess that means he's getting it???
Sydney also asked for a helicopter (they 
sell some in a set that fight each other and 
you can shoot down your opponent).  Summer
was indecisive, so Santa is bringing her
a bag of carrots.  Easy enough!
Sorry for the bad pics. As I said,
it was a surprise visit from Santa
so I wasn't prepared.  Jason's 
cell phone camera came in handy.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Penguins, Reindeer, & Cookies

 This past week has been loaded.  I normally
help twice a week in Ty's class, but have been
able to do it 3 days this week.  They had a
Penguin Christmas Program the end of last week.
Does that blond cutie stick out, or what!?!
 He is really enjoying his new teacher Miss
Stoltz, but he also misses Mrs. Densmore
terribly.  I think Miss Stolz's beauty has
helped soften the blow.  He has a little crush 
on her, but don't tell him I told you.  It's
our little secret.  :0)
He just got his hair cut today.
Can you tell how badly he needed it???
 Syd had her program yesterday.  They did
an American Idol type show with the reindeer
as the contestants.  It was cute.  Too bad Syd 
missed the auditions, because she would 
have been a winner!
 Sugar Cookie Traditions never die!
 Do I look as exhausted as I felt that night?
Sugar Cookies require a lot of work and time...
but boy are they worth it!  YUM!!!
Summer took this photo of some
of her masterpieces.  Not too bad!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Don't forget the cake...smash!!!

 My mother-in-law makes the 
world's best cake.  They call it the
"Suzy Q" Cake.  It is chocolate cake
that is filled with Cool-Whip and then
frosted with the most delicious homemade
chocolate frosting.  Sydney wanted one for
her party, so Summer and I got busy.
 She was determined to get all the candles
out in one blow.  She didn't notice that one 
candle remained, and she was all grins.  Once
she realized it, she was devastated. 
OK, maybe not devastated, but sad.
 Summer knew what to do to take
her mind off of it.  At least they are
getting it out of their systems now so
they won't feel the need to do it at their
weddings.  :0)
There's nothing better than a slice of 
cake shoved in your face...especially
if you are 12 years old. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

12 years old!

 This well dressed cutie (thanks to Grammy)
turned 12 today!  12!  Wow, how time flies!!!
 She had a "Games, games, & more games" party.
She invited 4 of her new friends from school and
we all had a great time.  It was loud, but fun!
 We ate tons of junk food & played these games:
*Who am I?
*Backwards writing competition
*Word Search Race
*Minute to Win It
We kept score, but just like Ellen Degeneres 
does,  all players got the prize at the end.  It was
a success and I know I will sleep really well tonight.
Happy birthday, Sydney!  I love you!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas in our new home

 We are now living in a
townhouse that is less than
half the size of our last house.  Fitting
a Christmas tree into the room was
a bit challenging, but we made it work.
No fireplace?  No problem!
As you climb the stairs from the 
front door, you are greeted
with the adorable stockings my
mom loving made for all of us.
This may not be Christmas related,
but I had to show you a glimpse into
our Master Bathroom.  :0)  First off,
this is what you get when you rent a place
you have never seen in person. 
1.  It's not even connected to the bedroom
2.  The master bedroom is smaller than the
master bath of our old house
3.  This is the bathroom guests will be using

It pays to know what you are getting.  :0)
We are all together, and that's all
that matters.  Christmas will be the same
no matter the size of our home. 
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yep, Montana is COLD!!!

Look closely.  Do you see what
it reads for the Outside Temp?
We are down to single digits,
people!  At 6:20am every morning,
you can find Summer and I on our
way to her early morning seminary.  The
sun hasn't shown it's face yet, which
adds to the chill.  Burr!  Thank goodness
for seat heaters in the car and a 'warm'
garage to park the car in.  :0)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving...a little late! :0)

Better late than never. This was
a glimpse into our small gathering
for Thanksgiving. We enjoyed
some delicious food, a nice hike,
& unforgettable memories.
I am thankful for everyone in this
photo. Together, we can do
anything. Life is good!!!

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