Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yep, Montana is COLD!!!

Look closely.  Do you see what
it reads for the Outside Temp?
We are down to single digits,
people!  At 6:20am every morning,
you can find Summer and I on our
way to her early morning seminary.  The
sun hasn't shown it's face yet, which
adds to the chill.  Burr!  Thank goodness
for seat heaters in the car and a 'warm'
garage to park the car in.  :0)


Angie said...

Brrr Jen! If it makes you feel slightly better it's getting down to the 20's at night this week in AZ. I hope you guys are settling in ok! At least you'll have a white Christmas! :)

kelly said...

i send you many warm wishes for you this winter season!

kandy said...

Yikes! I am still begging for house pictures!

Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

That makes my 28 feel warm. Devin was complaining about 70 being cold yesterday

Rachael said...

YIKES!!! Its been around 40 here and we freeze and complain! Keep warm!!

Becky Macbeth said...

Wow! It's been cold here, too, but nothing like that! You're a champ! Hang in there, seminary-mom!