Friday, December 16, 2011

Don't forget the cake...smash!!!

 My mother-in-law makes the 
world's best cake.  They call it the
"Suzy Q" Cake.  It is chocolate cake
that is filled with Cool-Whip and then
frosted with the most delicious homemade
chocolate frosting.  Sydney wanted one for
her party, so Summer and I got busy.
 She was determined to get all the candles
out in one blow.  She didn't notice that one 
candle remained, and she was all grins.  Once
she realized it, she was devastated. 
OK, maybe not devastated, but sad.
 Summer knew what to do to take
her mind off of it.  At least they are
getting it out of their systems now so
they won't feel the need to do it at their
weddings.  :0)
There's nothing better than a slice of 
cake shoved in your face...especially
if you are 12 years old. 

1 comment:

kandy said...

They better get it out of their systems before their weddings in at least 10 years!