Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Penguins, Reindeer, & Cookies

 This past week has been loaded.  I normally
help twice a week in Ty's class, but have been
able to do it 3 days this week.  They had a
Penguin Christmas Program the end of last week.
Does that blond cutie stick out, or what!?!
 He is really enjoying his new teacher Miss
Stoltz, but he also misses Mrs. Densmore
terribly.  I think Miss Stolz's beauty has
helped soften the blow.  He has a little crush 
on her, but don't tell him I told you.  It's
our little secret.  :0)
He just got his hair cut today.
Can you tell how badly he needed it???
 Syd had her program yesterday.  They did
an American Idol type show with the reindeer
as the contestants.  It was cute.  Too bad Syd 
missed the auditions, because she would 
have been a winner!
 Sugar Cookie Traditions never die!
 Do I look as exhausted as I felt that night?
Sugar Cookies require a lot of work and time...
but boy are they worth it!  YUM!!!
Summer took this photo of some
of her masterpieces.  Not too bad!


kandy said...

Fun Christmas times!

jorgegr said...

You guys always had the best sugar cookies! Yumm!

Kerry said...

Hi Jen! I miss our sugar cookie decorating days! Hope you guys are adjusting to the new place. It takes awhile (trust me!)