Sunday, September 25, 2011

Homecoming 2011

 Friday Night was our Homecoming Football
Game.  Mingus won 34-0!  Woo Hoo!
Last night was the Homecoming Dance.
Since Summer isn't allowed to date
until she is 16, she went over to 
Maxine's house and they got ready
together.  Pam and I had fun getting
these girls all dolled up and ready to go.
Since Maxine is Jr. Class President,
she had to go to the dance after the
dinner they went to.  Leah got home
from her swim meet in just enough
time to get dressed up and then we
picked her up and off to the dance they
went.  It was a fun evening for them.
Beautiful girls having some innocent 
fun.  I love it!  :0)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

What the MEN are up to today.

 For a few years now, we have been 
talking about the Jeep Summer wants 
when she turns 16.  Ty, the last year
or so, has been saying that he wants
a monster truck when he turns 16.
Why?  It's not like his dad is into those.
Where did this fascination come from?
All we know is, he really likes
MoNsTeR tRuCkS!
On our 1 and only decent radio station here,
they have been advertising the Monster Truck
Rally that is in Flagstaff today.  Jason and
Ty left straight from their soccer game and
headed up there.  Jason has been sending
me these pictures and I think he's having even
more fun than Ty...if possible.  :0)
 The boys rarely get to spend a whole day 
together and this will leave a mark on both of
their memories.  Those are the best kind.
I sure do love those boys!
The first 500 kids to arrive got a free
monster truck toy.  Ty already has about
10, but now he can add this little guy to 
his ever-growing collection.
They just texted me and told me that
the Terminator (which happens to be
Ty's favorite) just caught so much air
that when it landed it popped a tire!
See, crazy boy fun!  :0)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Powder Puff Maxine!

 Summer, Jasmine, Goose, and Syd (with Stephanie making a special appearance in the background)
 Last night was the High School's Powder
Puff game.  It's when the girls get on the
field to play flag football and the guys are
the cheerleaders.  We spent the evening
hanging out with other families from the ward
and called it our FHE (Family Home Evening).
Jasmine, Summer, and Maddie (Syd's behind the sign)
Since it was a Juniors vs. Seniors game,
Summer (our freshman) was in the stands 
with us cheering on Maxine Banks. 
Summer, Maxine, Ty, and Goose
 Unfortunately, the Juniors were beat 8-0,
but it was still a really fun evening.  Maxine
was adorable in her customized shirt and she
had the best tackle all night...mind you it 
was supposed to be flag football. :0)
Way to go Maxine!  Can't wait till 
Summer can be out there playing.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

What cool people do at Walmart

 Goose, Maxine, Summer, Ty, and Jasmine
1.  Model their new make-up line at Walmart.
 Summer, Goose, Jasmine, and Ty
2.  Show off your pull-up skills
 3.  Fail miserably
 4.  But look cute trying!
 5.  Have Goose do the Human Flag and make
you feel really weak and pathetic.
 6.  Attempt a crash course in 
"Human Flag for Dummies"
7.  Getting close to, but not succeeding
at the aforementioned 'Human Flag' Experiment.
Who knew Walmart could be this fun!?!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where did that come from???

With soccer season in full swing,
we are constantly lugging around
ball bags, water bottles, shin guards,
and cleats.  The other day, after practice,
I noticed a balloon in our ball bag.  Where
on earth did we pick up a balloon at
practice?  Upon closer examination:
 We had an evidently over-inflated
ball.  When Ty reached in the bag
to grab the 'balloon', I literally
felt chills and a bit of fear
rush over me when I 
saw the GUTS of the ball!
Why that gave me the chills,
I'll never know.  I will say though,
that is pretty darn cool looking.
The kids still play with it.  They drop it
on the balloon portion to see how high 
it will bounce.  Pretty cool indeed!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Most Likely to Succeed

 Flash back in time to Summer's 8th Grade
Yearbook.  No need to rub your eyes
or put on glasses.  Yes, the daughter of
Jason and Jennifer was voted 'Most
Likely to Succeed'.  Why is this funny?
1.  The Yearbook spelled succeed wrong
2.  OUR child?  Genetics must not play a role
(unless you count Jason and my 
siblings & parents).  :0)
3.  I love the thinker makes me think
of my dad.  He always had a small statue of it.
Why the flash back in time?  Well, last
night was 'Be Me Night' at the High School.
We got to go with Summer to all of her
classes and meet her teachers and learn
what she has been up to the last month
and a half.  On the wall in one of her classes
was a list of the students grades by ID #'s...
for privacy reasons.  I ran my finger down the
list and it went something like this:
Earth Science
Now, I am not exaggerating here, or bragging.
OK, maybe I'm bragging a little.  :0)  No one even 
came close.  Now, this is their class grade.  I
turned to her and asked if the 104% was her.  
She shyly responded with a positive.  
WOW!  Who's kid is this?  Jason and I were
all smiles the entire night.  A+'s  in every class,
even her honors class.  Why they only let freshman
take one honors class is beyond me.  Anyway,
that's all my bragging for today.  Now I'll
go eat some Humble Pie.  Way to go, Summer!

Monday, September 12, 2011

"Grandparents" Day...or not so much. :0)

My nephew, Tanner,
started kindergarten this year.
He attends a Montessori School that is about
10 minutes away from our house.  Christina
sent me an e-mail last week asking if I could
be his fill-in Grandma on Grandparents Day.
Since both of his Grandma's live too far away
for the visit, I gladly fulfilled the request!  :0)
 He had fun showing me all around his
classroom.  My favorite part was near the
end when his teacher handed out the scrolls
(which you can see Tanner holding in the pic).
He was supposed to hand it to his Grandparent.
Since it was me, he said, "I didn't make this for 
you.  I made it for someone else."  It was so
cute because you could tell he really wanted
to give it to his Grammy.  She lives on the East
Coast, so I am assuming she will get a special
treat in the mail sometime soon. 
 I had a great time and truly
feel honored that I got to be his
stand-in for the day.  Love you, Tan!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's Libby's Day!

 We were lucky enough to get
the chance to come to CA for Libby's
first birthday party (thanks to my parents). 
 Becky did an amazing job planning
an awesome party.  She had a
ladybug hunt, a pinata, a baby race, &
the cutest cupcakes ever!
 Libby was a little too dainty with her
cupcake.  Her real birthday is in four days
and she better do a messier job of it then.
 After church today, the kids & I were
babysitting and we decided to give Libby
her first-ever ponytail.  What do you think?
I think she is a fan!  :0)
 I mean, honestly!  Isn't she the most
adorable thing ever!  Happy birthday, Libby!