Saturday, September 24, 2011

What the MEN are up to today.

 For a few years now, we have been 
talking about the Jeep Summer wants 
when she turns 16.  Ty, the last year
or so, has been saying that he wants
a monster truck when he turns 16.
Why?  It's not like his dad is into those.
Where did this fascination come from?
All we know is, he really likes
MoNsTeR tRuCkS!
On our 1 and only decent radio station here,
they have been advertising the Monster Truck
Rally that is in Flagstaff today.  Jason and
Ty left straight from their soccer game and
headed up there.  Jason has been sending
me these pictures and I think he's having even
more fun than Ty...if possible.  :0)
 The boys rarely get to spend a whole day 
together and this will leave a mark on both of
their memories.  Those are the best kind.
I sure do love those boys!
The first 500 kids to arrive got a free
monster truck toy.  Ty already has about
10, but now he can add this little guy to 
his ever-growing collection.
They just texted me and told me that
the Terminator (which happens to be
Ty's favorite) just caught so much air
that when it landed it popped a tire!
See, crazy boy fun!  :0)


Angela said...

Look at that smile!! He looks like he is having a blast!

Becky Macbeth said...

How adorable is he?!? What fun!

kandy said...

Crazy boys and their toys!!! Great day for them!