Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Powder Puff Maxine!

 Summer, Jasmine, Goose, and Syd (with Stephanie making a special appearance in the background)
 Last night was the High School's Powder
Puff game.  It's when the girls get on the
field to play flag football and the guys are
the cheerleaders.  We spent the evening
hanging out with other families from the ward
and called it our FHE (Family Home Evening).
Jasmine, Summer, and Maddie (Syd's behind the sign)
Since it was a Juniors vs. Seniors game,
Summer (our freshman) was in the stands 
with us cheering on Maxine Banks. 
Summer, Maxine, Ty, and Goose
 Unfortunately, the Juniors were beat 8-0,
but it was still a really fun evening.  Maxine
was adorable in her customized shirt and she
had the best tackle all night...mind you it 
was supposed to be flag football. :0)
Way to go Maxine!  Can't wait till 
Summer can be out there playing.

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