Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Most Likely to Succeed

 Flash back in time to Summer's 8th Grade
Yearbook.  No need to rub your eyes
or put on glasses.  Yes, the daughter of
Jason and Jennifer was voted 'Most
Likely to Succeed'.  Why is this funny?
1.  The Yearbook spelled succeed wrong
2.  OUR child?  Genetics must not play a role
(unless you count Jason and my 
siblings & parents).  :0)
3.  I love the thinker pose...it makes me think
of my dad.  He always had a small statue of it.
Why the flash back in time?  Well, last
night was 'Be Me Night' at the High School.
We got to go with Summer to all of her
classes and meet her teachers and learn
what she has been up to the last month
and a half.  On the wall in one of her classes
was a list of the students grades by ID #'s...
for privacy reasons.  I ran my finger down the
list and it went something like this:
Earth Science
Now, I am not exaggerating here, or bragging.
OK, maybe I'm bragging a little.  :0)  No one even 
came close.  Now, this is their class grade.  I
turned to her and asked if the 104% was her.  
She shyly responded with a positive.  
WOW!  Who's kid is this?  Jason and I were
all smiles the entire night.  A+'s  in every class,
even her honors class.  Why they only let freshman
take one honors class is beyond me.  Anyway,
that's all my bragging for today.  Now I'll
go eat some Humble Pie.  Way to go, Summer!


Rachael said...

Brag all you want! You totally deserve to! That is awesome! I think the same thing of my daughter who is 12...she has had 1 B in her life (89%) and excels in everything she does! She is a perfectionist and is extremely serious when it comes to school. Me? Not so much...graduated HS with a 2.8 GPA and was only there for the social aspect! She will go far in life because of it (Summer).
Funny that they misspelled Succeed!!!

Angie said...

Brag away Jen! Way to go Summer!

Becky Macbeth said...

Not only did they spell "succeed" wrong, the messed up "likely", too! YIKES! Apparently the yearbook committee needed Summer's brilliance to help them out, too! ;)

Jen said...

How funny, Bec! I didn't even notice the likely! HaHa

kandy said...

Wow! Great job Summer! Keep up the good work. You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Summer....you ROCK! I'm so proud of you! :)

Love, Aunt Jenny