Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where did that come from???

With soccer season in full swing,
we are constantly lugging around
ball bags, water bottles, shin guards,
and cleats.  The other day, after practice,
I noticed a balloon in our ball bag.  Where
on earth did we pick up a balloon at
practice?  Upon closer examination:
 We had an evidently over-inflated
ball.  When Ty reached in the bag
to grab the 'balloon', I literally
felt chills and a bit of fear
rush over me when I 
saw the GUTS of the ball!
Why that gave me the chills,
I'll never know.  I will say though,
that is pretty darn cool looking.
The kids still play with it.  They drop it
on the balloon portion to see how high 
it will bounce.  Pretty cool indeed!


kandy said...


Rachael said...

Kinda looks like the ball is giving birth and the baby ball is still in the sac!!!