Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A relaxing afternoon...for a little bit! :0)

After I picked up Ty from school, 
we had a few spare minutes.  What do
you do with a few spare moments in the
desert?  You swim and sunbathe.  The best
part was when we were lying side-by-side
in our lounge chairs watching the clouds go
by.  A few sprinkles fell on us (remember those
desert monsoons I was telling you about), then
we noticed the shape of the culprit.  Coolest
heart shaped cloud EVER!  Thanks for
a few moments of peace, Ty.

Then we were off to be taxi
drivers, soccer players, soccer
coaches, volleyball players,
team moms, chefs, 
& maids.  Fun, fun!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Monsoon Season!

 One aspect that I love in desert dwelling
is the monsoon.  We are smack-dab in 
the middle of monsoon season & loving it!
Here Sydney and Ty are enjoying
some respite from the storm under the 
patio outside my bedroom.
 In the small town where we live, our water
bills are out of control.  Who knows why they 
charge so much, but Jason & I love the monsoons.
We shout, "FREE Water!  Yay!"  Having a pool
in the desert means lots of evaporation.  We 
consider this as natures way of paying us
back for the $250 water bill last month.  :0)
Ty was standing in the rain for seconds when
I snapped this shot.  Hail was just starting to fall
and check out his shorts.  Literally, in took 2
seconds for him to be drenched through.  
Crazy, 6 year old fun!  Bring it on!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Benchmark Geocache

 Leah and Summer had a fun extra
credit report for Earth Science.  They
were asked to locate a local 'benchmark'
& photograph it (with proof they went).
 The definition of a benchmark is:
'a permanently affixed mark that 
establishes the exact elevation of
a place; used by surveyors in 
measuring site elevations, or 
as a starting point.'
This benchmark was put there in
1933, 13 years after this school was
built.  It is the Clarkdale High School,
which was shut down in 1958 when 
it consolidated with Mingus Union 
High School  (where Summer & Leah go).
With our geocaching skills, it took 
us 2 minutes to find this benchmark.
That is one easy extra credit project!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Birthday Wish List

With a little over a month
to start saving, this is what I
want for my birthday this year.
I want (and need) 6 new kitchen
chairs really badly.  Aren't these
adorable!  IKEA rocks.  I'll
let you know if I can achieve 
this goal...probably not, but
it's always fun to try.  :0)
(I would paint my table to match)

Monday, August 8, 2011

AZ schools start too early!!!

 August 3rd was Freshman Day at the High School.
AUGUST 3rd!  What ever happened to starting
school after Labor Day?!?  August 4th then marked
the first official day of school.  Seminary and all!
Luckily, seminary is at 7:15 and the building is right
across the street from the high school.  Summer 
gets a lot more sleep than I did at that age.
  Do you remember 6 am seminary?  
I remember it all too well!
 After I drop Summer off to her carpool,
I get to wake up these cuties.
 Sydney is in 6th grade this year.
She already had her sports physical
and is all set to play volleyball,
basketball, and soccer.  I love
that she is so athletic.  My kids
always have some sporting event
going on and I love cheering them on.
Can you tell which child is following
in his father's footsteps?  Seriously!
Darth Vader shirt & lunch box!  Some
things never go out of style.  Enjoy 1st grade,
big man!  Jason is all set to coach Ty's soccer
team again this year.  I joined the AYSO
volunteers and have been helping with all
of their computer work.  Just trying to
do my part.  Here's to another great year!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cones for a Cure in Payson, Utah!

 My niece Madison just celebrated her 10th
birthday.  Her one big request for her birthday
was for her parents to buy her a professional 
Sno-Cone Machine.  A big purchase,
but with an awesome reason behind it!
 Along with her mom (my sister-in-law Heather),
Maddie plans on selling the Sno-Cones to raise
money to find a cure for Diabetes.  She is
the most mature 10 yr. old I know!!!
 We got to spend a couple days at their house in 
Payson, Utah after the reunion.  My kids were 
thrilled when the Sno-Cone Machine was 
delivered in time for us to try some 
before we hit the road for 10 hours.
 Every kids dream come true.  Now that I think
about it, I owe Maddie $3.  How dare I not 
think of being the first donation 
(me and my big donations).  
Levi has some big news himself.  At the age of 4, 
he was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes 
like his big sister, Maddie.  On Aug. 1st, he got 
his first pump and life just got a whole lot 
easier for the Rice family.  Now Maddie
and Levi have pumps and they have
electronic machines that automatically 
pump the insulin for them (they just have
to measure their food, do the calculations, 
and then the machine administers the insulin). 
No more scary needles multiple times a day.
Heather & Chris have been so amazing through 
this whole ordeal.  Heavenly Father knew 
they would  take it in stride and boy, do 
they ever.  All 4 of them are my own 
personal heroes!  I am so lucky to have 
them in the family!  Love you guys!!!