Monday, August 29, 2011

Monsoon Season!

 One aspect that I love in desert dwelling
is the monsoon.  We are smack-dab in 
the middle of monsoon season & loving it!
Here Sydney and Ty are enjoying
some respite from the storm under the 
patio outside my bedroom.
 In the small town where we live, our water
bills are out of control.  Who knows why they 
charge so much, but Jason & I love the monsoons.
We shout, "FREE Water!  Yay!"  Having a pool
in the desert means lots of evaporation.  We 
consider this as natures way of paying us
back for the $250 water bill last month.  :0)
Ty was standing in the rain for seconds when
I snapped this shot.  Hail was just starting to fall
and check out his shorts.  Literally, in took 2
seconds for him to be drenched through.  
Crazy, 6 year old fun!  Bring it on!!!


kelly said...

please send some of your monsoon our way. i have missed our summer storms.

Angie said...

We LOVE the monsoons also! Sorry to hear you also have crazy high water bills. We've wondered how much pool evaporation really costs us each month...

jorgegr said...

I love when we have crazy weather like that.