Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A relaxing afternoon...for a little bit! :0)

After I picked up Ty from school, 
we had a few spare minutes.  What do
you do with a few spare moments in the
desert?  You swim and sunbathe.  The best
part was when we were lying side-by-side
in our lounge chairs watching the clouds go
by.  A few sprinkles fell on us (remember those
desert monsoons I was telling you about), then
we noticed the shape of the culprit.  Coolest
heart shaped cloud EVER!  Thanks for
a few moments of peace, Ty.

Then we were off to be taxi
drivers, soccer players, soccer
coaches, volleyball players,
team moms, chefs, 
& maids.  Fun, fun!


Rachael said...

Cool picture!!!!

We Blog Artists said...



Angela said...

Wow!! What a wonderful cloud!!! Glad you were taking the time to look up and didn't miss it :)