Monday, August 8, 2011

AZ schools start too early!!!

 August 3rd was Freshman Day at the High School.
AUGUST 3rd!  What ever happened to starting
school after Labor Day?!?  August 4th then marked
the first official day of school.  Seminary and all!
Luckily, seminary is at 7:15 and the building is right
across the street from the high school.  Summer 
gets a lot more sleep than I did at that age.
  Do you remember 6 am seminary?  
I remember it all too well!
 After I drop Summer off to her carpool,
I get to wake up these cuties.
 Sydney is in 6th grade this year.
She already had her sports physical
and is all set to play volleyball,
basketball, and soccer.  I love
that she is so athletic.  My kids
always have some sporting event
going on and I love cheering them on.
Can you tell which child is following
in his father's footsteps?  Seriously!
Darth Vader shirt & lunch box!  Some
things never go out of style.  Enjoy 1st grade,
big man!  Jason is all set to coach Ty's soccer
team again this year.  I joined the AYSO
volunteers and have been helping with all
of their computer work.  Just trying to
do my part.  Here's to another great year!


kelly said...

let the year begin....enjoy the time it goes way to quick...especially the high school years. seriously, nathan is off to houston next week.

Angie said...

Such cute kiddos!

Rachael said...

WOW!!! That is early to start! My sisters kids in Goodyear, AZ started today. We don't start till the 29th and my sister in CA get until the Tuesday after Labor Day!

jorgegr said...

Back to school already? I am glad we don't go back until after labor day (although we did not get out until the last week of June) We have just finally started getting some summer weather-the kids would be so bummed to have to go back to school.

kandy said...

Those are the cutest kids ever! When did the cat get so big? Miss you guys!

Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

Jen tell them to slow down. I have no kids going back this year.:(

We Blog Artists said...

Yes, to another GREAT year!
Our girls don't start until Sept 6th...but they finished at the end of June.
Sorry I haven't been here fo a while.
Your kids are gorgeous!!!!

Anonymous said...

Stop schools from starting before Labor day they are passing out from the heat on school buses that don't have air. Save our kids health