Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cones for a Cure in Payson, Utah!

 My niece Madison just celebrated her 10th
birthday.  Her one big request for her birthday
was for her parents to buy her a professional 
Sno-Cone Machine.  A big purchase,
but with an awesome reason behind it!
 Along with her mom (my sister-in-law Heather),
Maddie plans on selling the Sno-Cones to raise
money to find a cure for Diabetes.  She is
the most mature 10 yr. old I know!!!
 We got to spend a couple days at their house in 
Payson, Utah after the reunion.  My kids were 
thrilled when the Sno-Cone Machine was 
delivered in time for us to try some 
before we hit the road for 10 hours.
 Every kids dream come true.  Now that I think
about it, I owe Maddie $3.  How dare I not 
think of being the first donation 
(me and my big donations).  
Levi has some big news himself.  At the age of 4, 
he was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes 
like his big sister, Maddie.  On Aug. 1st, he got 
his first pump and life just got a whole lot 
easier for the Rice family.  Now Maddie
and Levi have pumps and they have
electronic machines that automatically 
pump the insulin for them (they just have
to measure their food, do the calculations, 
and then the machine administers the insulin). 
No more scary needles multiple times a day.
Heather & Chris have been so amazing through 
this whole ordeal.  Heavenly Father knew 
they would  take it in stride and boy, do 
they ever.  All 4 of them are my own 
personal heroes!  I am so lucky to have 
them in the family!  Love you guys!!!


Rachael said...

WOW!!! She has big dreams at 10 and I am sure she will do many things in this life...especially if her aunt would pay up!!!

Heather Rice said...

Awwwwe...thanks Jen! You're gonna make me cry! I am happy to report that we made $19 on our first day (yesterday) of selling snow cones!

Anonymous said...

That's our Madison...always thinking of others! :) Man I have some cute nieces and nephews!

Aunt Jenny