Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Cowgirl Model

 When Summer was a little girl, we would 
always ask her what she wanted to be 
when she grew up.  Her response was 
always the same.  "A cowgirl model!"  
What in the world is a cowgirl model???  :0)
 Grandad taught us all how to rope at the 
cabin last weekend.  Summer was an instant 
success.  Maybe it's the fact that she is left-
handed?  I have to blame her success on
something since none of us were as good.  :0)
 It only took her 2 tries!
We may laugh at her 'cowgirl model' answer,
but the girl may have been on to
something.  HaHa


kelly said...

interesting that she is left handed. two of sallys boys are also.

Angela said...

So cute!!