Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stewart Reunion 2011

 We just returned from the Stewart Reunion at the cabin.  Check out that group.  There are so many wonderful people, and all because of Jason's Grandad Dell and Grandma Lorraine.  Gary and Marie were in charge this year and it was flawless.  My favorite part was when Gary gave his closing remarks and shared his wish that someday, we could all have a posterity like this.  One day, Jason will be that Grandad and I the Grandma.  I love his family and I am so blessed to be a part of that heritage.  Lucky me!
 Fletcher, Brady, Tanner, & Tate
 The last photo of them together before 
Brady leaves on his mission.  How crazy
is that!?!  He was 2 at our wedding!

 I officially have the worlds cutest
nieces and nephews!
 Tate and Summer get along so well.  
I wish they lived closer!  At least we
get to visit them when we're in CA now.
 Katelyn...or should I say Miss Personality!
 Guess where Ty spent the entire time at the cabin? 
You guessed it...on the four-wheelers.
I think we could classify it as an addiction!
 Was Uncle E corrupting the teenagers, or
were the teenagers corrupting Earnest?
Uncle Chris spent HOURS creating a "Who Wants to be a Stewart-heir" gameshow.  Dave, the comedian of the family, was Regis and Jason was the first contestant.  He did pretty well.  All of the questions were about Dell & Lorraine and it was really well done.  It was an awesome reunion!


We Blog Artists said...

Wow...that's a HUGE family.


Angie said...

Great pictures! We are so lucky to be a part of this amazing family! You guys did a fabulous job planning everything!

Rachael said...

Man that is a HUGE family!!!! Where did you go to fit everyone!!???

kandy said...

Man what a great time that looks like. Wish I was a Stewart!