Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Group FHE

 For Family Home Evening last night, we had
3 families over for a swim party and BBQ.
The Gordons, the Gordons, and the Backus'
all came in the rain storm, determined to swim.
Ty snuck into his room 7 times that afternoon to
quietly pray that the monsoon storm would quickly
pass so he could still swim with his friends.
Well, with the faith of the little boy, the skies 
cleared.  It was still a cold swim, but fun!
 Chad Backus just had hip surgery, so he arrived
on crutches.  He joined the other men near the
BBQ and then they retired into the family room
to bond as men while the ladies were on lifeguard
duty.  All in all, we had 15 kids and 8 adults.
The Gordon brothers are always fun to have.
We have wonderful friends and they sure do
know how to have fun.  We love our new
ward and our goofy bishop (the one on the 
right).  Black Hills Ward is the best!
Glad the clouds parted and we had some fun!

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kandy said...

Way to go Ty. Prayer really does work. Looks like you had a great time!