Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wii Fit Plus & cravings!!!

Jason and I are joining my family on a cruise
in March. We are all going to celebrate my little
sister's 30th birthday. My mom and dad generously
contributed so we could afford to go. Why do I
mention the cruise? Because I'm fat & out of shape.
Nobody wants to see me in a swimsuit right now!
The Wii Fit Plus & Balance Board are my new best
friends! The whole family (besides Jason, who is
at work 24/7) has been getting fit with it.
I'm also counting calories & really
cutting back. The only problem:
Cravings!!! Check out this French Onion Soup I
had in Paris!!! To die for! Notice the dessert in the
background. Paris made up for having the flu
in Italy and not enjoying the food there.
Other cravings I have now:
Cadbury Eggs
Chocolate of any kind
Bread...muffins, rolls, bagels
Flavored drinks (water is boring)!
Wish me luck! I need it!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beautiful children???

I used to think I have beautiful children!
They are trying really hard to
disprove that notion.

The thing they don't know...
I would love them if they had green
skin, purple freckles, and 3 eyes.
They are mine and I love them through
and through, no matter what! :0)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Girls Camp...full steam ahead!

I've been missing in action in the blogging world
since I have been working on the 2011 Girls Camp
schedule. Being Camp Director is fun, but exhausting.
I love my Adobe Photoshop program and I have had
the most fun working on there. Tell me, would
you want to come if these were the invites?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Name your Mii

Quick story...When we got our Wii, we all starting
setting up our Mii's (the characters meant to represent
you). When it was Ty's turn, Summer told him to pick
out a nickname. Ty said, 'Nick'. When I walked in the
room and heard this, I couldn't stop launghing! How
literal a 5 year old can be! NICKname. :0) Get it???
I have to give credit where credit is due:
These adorable cupcakes are from bakerella!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Begging for an audition!!!

Summer Stewart needs to be the lead
role of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games!
Look at this picture! Need I say more???
I've said it before, and I'll say it again...
Summer is Katniss! Rumors are flying all
over the Internet that Lionsgate has taken
on 'The Hunger Games' with Gary Ross
as the director. He is open for a no-name-none-
Hollywood actress for the lead role of Katniss.
Summer's life has been an audition for the role.
Here are a few pics from her past....Katniss?
I believe so...other than the killing part. :0)They say you have to have a connection in
the business to get an we are
begging you. If you know a way, please give
Summer a chance. Just an audition. That's
all she is asking for. So, look no further. Here is Katniss Everdeen!
We'll come to you for the audition.
If they are going to make the movie, we
need to stay as true to the book as possible.
Only Summer can make that happen! :0)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just Dance 2!

The Phillips Family came to visit!
Uncle Earnest, Aunt Annette, Kaylee,
Sadie, and Xavier. We have had a blast!

Uncle Earnest called for a Just Dance 2
competition. He tried his hardest to beat
Summer, but she killed him by a whopping
4 points. I don't think Earnest will ever
recover. His pride was hurt. :0)

Aunt Annette (Jason's sister) was a good sport, too.
She had fun dancing a few jigs with Kaylee.

Will, Christina, and Tanner came over for a BBQ.
Tanner came to show off his snake handling skills,

too. He is just like his mom...a lover of all things
in the Animal Kingdom. We had a fun evening!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Madi is a fun friend!

Madi and Syd spent all day Saturday
terrorizing our neighborhood in Madi's
cool toy. She was a good sport and let Sydney
and Summer both have a few turns driving.

Summer once again proved that she is a
VERY scary driver. I had to hike up the road
to help her and Madi get the right wheels
out of a ditch. Is she really only 2 years
away from a drivers license? AHHH!

Ty loves Madi (but he especially likes
Madi's little sister Shacee). You know the song
'Stacey's Mom'? Ty sings it, "Shacee's mom
has got it goin' on!" We all get a big kick
out of it. Their mom is pretty cute! :0)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Me as a baby

My mommy sent me these pictures tonight.
I needed them for our 'Get to know your new
teacher' activity for Primary. I would proudly
display that picture. I was pretty darn cute,
if I do say so myself. Notice my hand position?
I love that because that is exactly what my son
does with his hands right before he falls asleep.
Awe! So cute!!!
This one isn't so cute. My mom always made
our outfits, and I think that was one of them.
I bet it was really cute at the time. The real
question is for my dad: Can you smell the spit
up??? I was the spit up queen and my dad
swears that he can still smell the spit up when he
looks at my baby pictures. I love you too, Dad!

Now I know why my girls were born with
dark, wavy hair. Now I also know why I
lost all of my blond. Darn it! I bet my
hair is pretty close to that shade now,
with a few grays mixed in. Thanks for the
pictures, mom. I was pretty cute. :0)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Photo Booth Fun

4 of my favorite people!!!

Roller Skates and Waves

Since Sydney is on a roller skating kick,
she has been begging to go to a roller rink
since her birthday. There was one about 1/2 hr.
from my parents house, so we made it happen.
My mom and I were pretty proud of ourselves.
We often went when I was little, and I guess it's
like riding a never forget. It wasn't
pretty and graceful, but we did it! The best part?
The kids weren't very good, so we got to hold hands
for 2 hours. Summer, even! That's huge!!!
Towards the end of the 2 hours, the kids were
doing pretty well. I don't think they will be
professionals by any means, but we all had fun.
Thanks for making it happen Syd and Grammy.
On New Years Eve Day, we headed out on some hikes
in Laguna Niguel. We are loving the new discoveries
in my parents new town. Brad found this little spot
last year, and boy is it beautiful!!!
Scoop loves coming to visit my parents. She has
never been on so many walks in her life!
We love Grammy! She always keeps our days
packed with fun and adventure. We are so lucky!
We ended the afternoon by going down to the beach
with Scoop. The weather was wonderful, the beaches
were secluded, and our dog was the one and only
swimmer. It is so much fun to watch her pounce
through the waves. Another beautiful, Southern
California day. We just wish Jason was here!!!