Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Me as a baby

My mommy sent me these pictures tonight.
I needed them for our 'Get to know your new
teacher' activity for Primary. I would proudly
display that picture. I was pretty darn cute,
if I do say so myself. Notice my hand position?
I love that because that is exactly what my son
does with his hands right before he falls asleep.
Awe! So cute!!!
This one isn't so cute. My mom always made
our outfits, and I think that was one of them.
I bet it was really cute at the time. The real
question is for my dad: Can you smell the spit
up??? I was the spit up queen and my dad
swears that he can still smell the spit up when he
looks at my baby pictures. I love you too, Dad!

Now I know why my girls were born with
dark, wavy hair. Now I also know why I
lost all of my blond. Darn it! I bet my
hair is pretty close to that shade now,
with a few grays mixed in. Thanks for the
pictures, mom. I was pretty cute. :0)


kelly said...

love looking into the past

**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Love the first one, TY really lookes like you in that one.
HAPPY 2011...again if I have already wished it to you...I can not explain how coming back to reality after 3 weeks of tranquility in the UK has messed up my thoughts and memory...
Have a wonderful day.

amy said...

I always knew that Syd looked just like you!

Angela said...

What a cutie!!

Lane & Jannica said...

This just goes to prove that you have ALWAYS been cute!

kandy said...

What a cutie you were and what a beauty now (inside and out).
A very proud mom!

Anonymous said...

You were soooo cute! I agree whole-heartedly with your are very beautiful inside and out! Love, the other Jen Stewart :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can still smell the spit-up. But I don’t love you any less for it.
Born cute, stayed cute, still cute (just fluffier).