Monday, January 10, 2011

Madi is a fun friend!

Madi and Syd spent all day Saturday
terrorizing our neighborhood in Madi's
cool toy. She was a good sport and let Sydney
and Summer both have a few turns driving.

Summer once again proved that she is a
VERY scary driver. I had to hike up the road
to help her and Madi get the right wheels
out of a ditch. Is she really only 2 years
away from a drivers license? AHHH!

Ty loves Madi (but he especially likes
Madi's little sister Shacee). You know the song
'Stacey's Mom'? Ty sings it, "Shacee's mom
has got it goin' on!" We all get a big kick
out of it. Their mom is pretty cute! :0)


Angela said...

Oh cute! Ty is so cute and Madi does look like a fun friend!

The Fosters said...

Man that is cool. Did she get that for Christmas? I want one!

amy said...

My kids are jealous! You do realize that Porter has his learner's permit now! Watch out world!